SIGN UP TODAY to take The Beet's 21 Day Plant-Based Challenge to feel great, lose weight, and achieve your wellbeing goals. Get ready to "Just add plants!"

Why take the 21 Day Challenge? You’ll get everything you need to eat a whole-food, plant-based diet, starting this week, or any time you want to in January, and before it's over you'll feel amazing, and have a whole new approach to eating. By seeking out plant-based proteins you'll get started on a healthier lifestyle, with more energy, less inflammation, and more stamina--in just three weeks!

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What you get by signing up you'll also get:

We'll send you your first 21 Day Plant-Based Challenge newsletter starting when YOU want to start. Begin your program any day that works for you (since not everyone has the same timetable). Need more encouragement? Head to our Facebook page and join the conversation with other Challengers, and share your tips and tricks.

Access to 21 days of easy, delicious recipes, expert advice, product reviews, discounted meal delivery service, and three weeks of support from The Beet community -- plus a printable meal-tracker calendar to log your progress. Every single day!

We'll make a $1 donation of in your honor to the Environmental Defense Fund if you're one of the first 1,000 sign-ups. You can also donate alongside The Beet, to either The Environmental Defense Fund ( We know that eating more plants and fewer animal products is great for you, and better for the environment too!

So, go ahead and register and we'll count you as part of our donation team alongside chefs, athletes, influencers and tastemakers eating plant-based too. We are making a donation to the Environmental Defense Fund to help our planet be healthier along with us.


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