We love Just Salads. But now there's even more reason to choose it: Just Salad announced today that they're going to offer Beyond Meat instead of beef in their salad bars and replace all meat options with the goal of becoming completely meat-free within the next five years. Our only question: Why take so long?

With so many delicious options out there now, we're already able to find meatless chicken, faux tuna and all the usual suspects in the meatless meat offerings that it seems it could happen even faster. The good news, of course, is that this option will be better for us, better for the planet, and salad lovers will still love the taste of their favorite healthy salad for lunch or dinner. We are fans. Sweet Green, your move.

Here is the story covered by One Green Planet today, in case you missed it.

meatless salad

Just Salad is a go-to for us, so…we can't wait!


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