Good Catch plant-based seafood just announced a new partnership with fast-casual restaurant Veggie Grill to bring a healthy, plant-based Tuna Melt to the menu.

The tuna melt is made with Good Catch's tuna salad, which contains plants instead of tuna and uses ingredients like diced onion, capers, celery, and fresh dill to replicate the taste. The sandwich is topped with vegan American cheese, pickles, and tomato on griddled rye bread. The limited-edition Good Catch tuna melt will be available starting October 7th until the end of 2020.

Good Catch tuna is high in protein, dairy-free and the base consists of legumes including peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans. It is also free of mercury and toxins, unlike real tuna, and is perfect for anyone with a shellfish allergy. Good Catch tuna tastes healthy, while also still mimicking the exact taste and texture of real tuna.

Veggie Grill is a 100% plant-based fast-casual restaurant known for its healthy and hearty bowls, burgers and sandwiches. Good Catch partnered with Veggie Grill because of the restaurant's mission to raise consciousness, reduce harm, and preserve environmental resources that aligns perfectly with the brand.

"We are excited to partner with Veggie Grill to offer this delicious plant-based Tuna Melt featuring our plant-based tuna product, and we look forward to an exciting few months ahead as we continue to expand our restaurant footprint," said Chad Sarno, Co-Founder and Chief Culinary Officer of Good Catch.

This marks the first partnership with a restaurant for Good Catch, but the plant-based seafood company is planning to further expand into the restaurant industry within the next few months. "At Good Catch, quality and innovation are a crucial part of our culinary journey. We've been working for years to bring our high quality, great-tasting tuna product to the foodservice industry so that consumers nationwide can reimagine how to enjoy their favorite tuna dishes," said Sarno.

Veggie Grill has 37 locations across six states including New York, Illinois, Oregon, CaliforniaMassachusetts, and Washington. "Tuna melts are a comfort food favorite for many people and this fish-free offering is a way for us to satisfy that craving while staying true to our mission of inspiring the world to make a meaningful impact through the food we eat," said Kajsa Alger, VP Food and Beverage at Veggie Grill.

Good Catch continues to push the boundaries after raising $36.8 billion Series B Financing Round in January. Since then, the plant-based seafood company has expanded into the U.K., partnered with Bumble Bee Foods as part of a joint distribution effort and opened a production facility in Heath, Ohio. Entering into the restaurant industry is yet another way the company is innovating and offering more plant-based options to consumers.

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