Meat Giant Tyson Foods introduced the company's first plant-based beef and pork alternatives this week under its Raised & Rooted range. The new plant-based brand will bring burger, sausage, and ground alternatives to retailers nationwide, marking a tremendous shift for the United States’ largest meat producer. The Raised & Rooted brand will offer soy-free plant-based burgers, plant-based meat grounds sourced from pea protein, and Italian and Bratwurst vegan sausages.

“Our plant-based proteins deliver the same delicious flavors, in a better-for-you alternative, they are plants made meatier,” Vice President of Marketing at Raised & Rooted said. “We are excited to provide people with satisfying alternative protein options perfect for any occasion.”

Tyson’s new plant-based burgers and sausages will be priced at competitively low prices so that consumers will feel encouraged to purchase the meat alternatives. All the new items will be available between $4.99 and $7.99 at stores across the country.

The meat industry giant entered the plant-based market in 2019 when it released its Nuggets Made with Plants and The Blend burger patties under the Raised & Rooted brand. Neither product was fully plant-based, containing egg whites and beef respectively, but since then has dedicated itself to developing an entirely new line of plant-based foods. The company announced that it would discontinue the Blend burger and work to bring consumers a completely plant-based variety. The decision came alongside a full-fledged commitment to remove all animal products from the Raised & Rooted Line.

“We are excited about the momentum we’ve built over the past year, fueled by our growth at retail, and our ability to continue to meet consumer’s demands,” Ervin said. “Raised & Rooted was created to provide plant-based options for everyone, and our new products are the next step toward meeting that goal while remaining steadfast to our commitment to providing great-tasting alternative options.”

Tyson Foods also rolled out its plant-based seafood brand New Wave Foods earlier this year. The company revealed a completely plant-based shrimp alternative made from seaweed, mung bean, and plant protein that mirrors the taste and texture of conventional shrimp. Tyson announced that it plans to keep funding and expanding this brand, aiming to create more alternatives for shellfish and seafood.

The company partnered with Jack in the Box last year making its first national food chain debut. The fast-food chicken restaurant launched a meatless chicken option called the Unchicken sandwich. The new sandwich did contain egg whites but marked Tyson’s attempt to develop a plant-based chicken offering for consumers nationwide.

The new Raised & Rooted Burger presents an option that propels Tyson Foods into the plant-based market. Before the company began to focus on its meat alternatives, its venture capital arm, Tyson Ventures, held a 6.5 percent stake in Beyond Meat. The company decided to sell it in April 2019 in order to work on its own products. Since then, Tyson has redefined itself in the meat industry by pursuing a wider range of products that appeals to both non-vegan and plant-based consumer alike.


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