Fast-food chain Jack in the Box may soon be launching its first meatless option nationwide, the Unchicken Sandwich, which is currently being tested at locations in Reno Nevada, Salinas, California, and Monterey, California.

The sandwich is made with a meatless patty from the Tyson-owned brand, Raised & Rooted. Jack in the Box confirmed that the patty is entirely plant-based, despite Raised & Rooted offering products that do contain animal products such as eggs.

“Jack in the Box is delivering industry-leading innovation with the first plant-based chicken sandwich at retail in the US,” said Jennifer Kennedy, Chief Product Officer at Jack in the Box. “We are excited to meet the growing demand for meatless alternatives with our new Unchicken sandwiches providing indulgent taste, crispy crunch, and a new savory flavor in a new plant-based option.”

This sandwich is only available for a limited time, spanning the duration of the market test ending December 12th. You can order the sandwich in a spicy or classic flavor at $6.99 for the combo. It comes with regular mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato, so if you are dairy-free, make sure to order without mayo.

Many different fast-food chains have been testing meatless options and trying to incorporate plant-based items into their menus due to the growing vegan and vegetarian community around the world. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) added Beyond Fried Chicken to its menu in 2019 where it was a huge success and the brand has since been expanding its plant-based options in KFCs around the country.

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