Trader Joe’s just unveiled another ice cream treat to add to the retailer's rapidly growing dairy-free dessert selection. The Hold the Dairy! Mini Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Cone gives Trader Joe’s customers a completely dairy-free version of the store’s popular Hold the Cone ice creams. The new vegan dessert uses coconut milk instead of dairy to replicate the creamy texture of the famed ice cream treat. The cones are currently offered in just chocolate, coating the inside of the cone with a plant-based chocolate layer.

The new cold treat arrives just in time to close out summer. The company describes the ice cream to have everything shoppers want from the original, but just without the dairy, saying “the cone is crunchy, the dessert is creamy, and the whole vegan mini-cone experience is a big deal...especially when you’re eating dairy-free.”

The grocery store chain continues to bolster its vegan ice cream selections, becoming one of the top providers of dairy-free desserts nationwide. Some of the most recent additions to the dairy-free lines include the Vanilla Non-Dairy Dessert that uses almond beverage as its base, the soy-based Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream, its pint of Cold Brew Coffee, and Boba Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert.

Last December, the company debuted its Non-Dairy Mint & Chip Bon Bons. After an extremely positive consumer response, Trader Joe’s followed this product with the Cookies & Creme Vanilla Bean Bon Bons, giving Trader Joe’s customers another vegan treat.

Trader Joe’s also released its Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars earlier this summer, mirroring the classic fudgesicle in taste and texture. The non-dairy alternative uses oat milk and semisweet chocolate to produce the perfect plant-based dessert option. The dessert section - and especially the summer dessert section - is becoming the most expansive for shoppers nationwide, showcasing the company’s dedication to cater to its plant-based customers.

The company’s vegan push extends outside of the dessert aisle as Trader Joe’s has rapidly released several products that bring familiar favorites to plant-based tables. Earlier this year, the company revealed a Vegan Bolognese Style Pasta Sauce with its very own alternative protein. Alongside the sauce, Trader Joe’s rollout out a Vegan Enchilada Casserole using a dairy-free cheese developed by the grocery chain. The store executives are accelerating its plant-based development in every category, but more specifically, with plans to tackle vegan seafood.

“I’m looking to do more work on the seafood side,” Trader Joe’s Manager of Deli, Frozen Meat, Seafood, Meatless, and Fresh Beverages Amy Gaston-Morales said. “We don’t have options yet within our stores for a plant-based seafood product but there are crab cakes out on the market or scallops or tuna replacements.”

As the company continues to develop vegan products across all its food categories, shoppers who need to cool off in the summer heat can pick up the new Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Cones at stores across the US. The vegan Hold the Dairy cones can be purchased for $3.99 for 12 mini cones.

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