Deadheads' ears perk up whenever they hear that a new Grateful Dead-inspired product is about to hit the shelves. Rather than another tie-dye t-shirt or a mug referencing The Dead's classic hits, the band is unveiling something a little less expected: A vegan deodorant. This deodorant is handmade, USDA certified organic and vegan and made in collaboration with North Coast Organics.

If you are the type of person who only uses all-natural products in your daily routine, this product is for you. The Grateful Dead deodorant line is made with organic essential oils, organic coconut oil, organic arrowroot powder, organic carnauba wax, and aluminum-free baking soda.

The limited-edition package comes with five different scents including Skull & Roses (lavender + rose), Sunshine (blood orange + bergamot), Workingman’s (cedarwood + juniper), Timber (douglas fir + sage), and Unscented.

Nathan Morin, co-founder of North Coast Organics, self-proclaimed "veg-head" and Grateful Dead superfan since 1999 is the ideal person for the band to team up with. Morin said in a statement, "The music and spirit of the Grateful Dead have influenced my company’s core principles of service, veganism, and organic agriculture... We took care in creating special oil blends that reference the Grateful Dead’s music."

The Grateful Dead is much more than a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band to its loyal fans. They were the first band to create their own style of rock blended with folk, jazz, country, bluegrass, and gospel music. No band has ever been able to come close to their sound or influence. The Dead formed back in 1965 and disbanded after lead guitarist Jerry Garcia died. The remaining members reunited in 2015 to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of their iconic music.
The Grateful Dead's spirit is kept alive by the band's legacy manager and archivist, David Lemieux. Lemieux said in a press release, “Along with our love of the music, Dead Heads also often identify themselves as socially and environmentally conscious, and with that awareness is a love of the world around us, and the desire to help protect it."

Why You Should Buy Vegan Deodrant 

For anyone with sensitive skin, vegan deodorants will be your saving grace. Typically, generic, store-brought brands contain toxic chemicals like aluminum that offer no other benefit besides clogging your armpit sweat ducts. Aluminum-based deodorants tend to give people with sensitive skin rashes and irritations.

Generic brands can also be damaging to the environment due to non-recyclable packaging, testing on animals and containing ingredients such as aerosol, which is harmful to the ozone layer.

Harsh chemicals in store-bought deodorant can throw hormones out of wack and block the body's natural perspiration system. Deodrants with ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil moisturize your skin as well as keep you smelling fresh. All-natural deodorants are also better for the environment.

Topical products can be just as damaging as the food you are eating. Make sure to know exactly what you are putting on your body before you purchase a product. North Coast Organics is currently running a sale of 20% off cutting the price from $24.99 to $19.99. Buy the limited-edition line on the website here.

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