Company's coming! And since you're likely trying not to eat dairy cheese these days (for all the reasons we covered in our "cheese causes cancer" story), the search to find the perfect spreadable cheeses starts now.

Head over to Essex Market in NYC and plant yourself in front of the array of vegan cheeses from Riverdel that will wow even the pickiest cheese lovers in your life. Stock up on craft cheeses made from cashew milk, almond milk, and coconut cream, since these make the most realistic tasting spreadable cheeses that are akin to brie, camembert and goats' milk cheeses anyone could ask for—all without a trace of animal products.

Serve them up at your next big bash: We're betting your guests won't even pause to notice they're all dairy alternatives.

For the latest store-bought varieties, check out this excellent guide from The Independent, which taste-tested all of them and landed on the eight best options to buy right now.

Want to jump into the non-dairy cheese world more often? Check out Riverdel's website for tastings, wine-and-cheese pairings, and even pre-holiday cooking classes and lots of other meetups where the only thing missing is the dairy.

Getting holiday-ready? We asked a vegan chef to prepare a full menu that'll surely appease all appetites.

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