When baking growing up, we would dip a finger into the batter, think of it as a treat to lick the bowl or spatula, and never think twice about it. Half the reason to bake cookies in the first place was to eat the raw dough. When it became a minor public health crisis to sample batter containing raw eggs (thanks to concern about salmonella poisoning), we ignored the warnings and kept on licking the bowl. (In our defense, in all those years, no one we knew ever got sick!)

Enter vegan cookie dough, which gives us guilt-free permission to taste the dough without any fears or ramifications. The Beet and the sake of eating plant-based or vegan, these doughs add the benefit of enjoying a favorite treat without animal or dairy products in the mix.

Essentially, there is no such thing as a bad cookie dough. Here are our favorites, in no particular order, reviewed and rated for taste and health. For how we rate each product check out our 10 health attributes and taste requirements here.

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There is no such thing as bad cookie dough, but in our super un-scientific taste test, Eat Pastry won by a mile. The comments were along the lines of “this is so real I wouldn’t know the difference!” and “I think I need to try it just one more time.”


1. Deux Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Deux’s vegan cookie dough is the full package. This cookie dough is designed to scoop right out of the container or bake into delectable cookies. While Deux’s texture is noticeably different than its traditional counterpart, this cookie dough alternative packs in an addictive flavor. If the taste wasn’t enough, this cookie dough contains zinc and elderberry for immune support and 2 g of protein per serving!


2. Doughp Avocadough Brownie

Doughp’s vegan cookie dough features a surprising ingredient: avocado! The avocado-based cookie dough is perfect to eat directly from the pint or bake into perfect, soft cookies. The Avocadough Brownie flavor is reminiscent of a rich brownie batter without any dairy or eggs (making it extra safe to eat). The plant-based cookie dough only uses 8 ingredients, containing low calories and low carbs perfect for a guilt-free cookie.

Eat Pastry Cookie Dough

3. Eat Pastry

"This cookie dough tastes so real I wouldn’t know the difference, "said one tester, and added:  "I think I need to try it just one more time." The EatPastry was a clear winner but the only critique was it was slightly too smooth and not stiff enough. With 4 grams of Sat Fat and 1 gram of protein per cookie, and 60 calories each, have two.

Sweet Loren's Cookie Dough

4. Sweet Loren’s

The best gluten-free and vegan edible cookie dough we found. The ingredients in this cookie dough are clean, simple and sustainably sourced. Sweet Loren's can be found in two flavors: chocolate chunk and birthday cake. The Chocolate Chunk will make your gluten-free cookie lovers happy but others may think it doesn't resemble real cookie dough. However, the dough does taste healthier than the real thing.

Cappello's Cookie Dough

5. Cappello's

We gave the Cappello’s a 2.5 out of 5 beets because the lingering aftertaste of coconut felt a little too strong after a third nibble. But no one complained too much about having to do this taste test and in either case, any cookie monsters in your life will love it.

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