Have you ever stood in front of a whole fridge full of products and wondered: Which of these is tastiest? Which is healthiest? It's like we need a Rotten Tomatoes, for real food. Well, now there is just that. The Beet Meter is your ratings and review tool for all of the latest plant-based products hitting the shelves, daily.

The Beet Meter gives a rating out of five for taste and health of every product we test. We tastest the best-selling plant-based milks, butters, cheeses, yogurts, cream cheeses, pizzas (tough job but someone had to do it) and then enlisted a dozen of kids ages 4 to 12 to taste test more than 32 non-dairy ice creams on a hot summer's day. It was fun, we got sticky, the ice cream melted, then everyone jumped in the pool. In every case, before we publish the findings we ask our nutritionist to review the health values of each.

The health grade is an overall rating that takes into consideration Saturated Fat, Calories, Protein and Carbs. Now we understand that even plant-based ice cream is high in sugar and fat, but some are MUCH higher than others. And for the person who is concerned with types of fat, and your daily value in a serving we let you know whether the product is made from coconut or almond, cashew or pea, which matters when you're eating plant-based for health, and to avoid the bad stuff.

Got a beef with the scores? You can add YOUR review to the Beet Meter any time you like. And the next time you're standing at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's wondering which of those non-dairy creamers to buy for your cup of joe in the morning, check out the Beat Meter, then head to the cash register knowing you got the right one for you!