Veggies, rejoice! One of the most beloved plant-forward spots in New York City and Los Angeles, The Butcher’s Daughter, has gone national thanks to an exclusive collaboration with Territory Foods. The partnership is bringing two delicious vegetarian meals created by The Butcher’s Daughter Executive Chef Richard Rea to dinner tables at homes across the country.

Restaurant-Level Meals at Your Home

Territory Foods is passionate about providing healthy high-quality food which is how the partnership with The Butcher’s Daughter came to be. The Butcher’s Daughter is a plant-based restaurant offering healthy vegetarian dishes—including many vegan and gluten-free options. The seasonal menus utilize locally sourced organic farm-fresh ingredients.

"There’s a stereotype that plant-based food isn’t exciting, innovative, or filling. The Butcher’s Daughter shatters those stereotypes by creating diverse, healthy, and delicious whole-food plant-based creations that everybody can enjoy. We’ve always felt that their approach to sourcing, meal design, and their general ethos was aligned with ours. We’re so excited to collaborate with them on these meals,” Riley Rearden, Territory Foods in-house plant-based expert about with a background in nutritional biochemistry, says.

First up in the collab is a RightRice® tabouli bowl with asparagus and a mint vinaigrette. The refreshing meal is jam-packed with an array of flavors from fresh ingredients including mint, dill, radishes, asparagus, tomatoes, and cucumber. "The tabouli dish is a triple collaboration where we’ve been able to take the next game-changing rice product, RightRice, and style it up to be a veggie-packed meal. Hitting all the marks of creamy, savory, Herbaceous, and at the same time light on the stomach," Butcher’s Daughter Chef Richard Rea says.

The second option is a drool-worthy brown rice noodle Pad Thai. The dish is soy-free and mixed in a delicious in-house pad Thai sauce and topped with a carrot-cucumber slaw, peanuts, fresh Thai basil, and mint. It comes with eggs so this dish isn’t right for vegans.

Both dishes are available through October in New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire, Orange County, Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Sacramento, Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Richmond, Hampton Roads and soon to launch in Austin and New Jersey.

“This collaboration has allowed our reach to expand further than LA and NY. We’re hoping one day we’ll be able to come to a city near you,” Rea says. "Combining forces with Territory Foods has fueled the fire for expansion to other states. Now it just comes down to finding that place and customer base that yearns for our plant-forward cuisine.”

The meals launched in August and have been a huge success so far. “The collaboration has been such an eye-opener to see how many people are interested in getting restaurant curated-meals. Tons of love and great feedback from customers," Rea says.

Territory Foods is also one of our favorite vendors for vegan-friendly farm-fresh produce baskets. Beyond the Butcher’s Daughter partnership, Territory Foods offers a healthy meal delivery service with contactless delivery and sustainable packaging. The meals are created with responsibly sourced ingredients and are free of dairy, gluten, and refined sugar.

There are over 30+ nutritionist-approved meals available weekly—many of which are vegan. Plant-based eaters will also want to try the vegan meal options from Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre collections. There are vegan lines available in each of The Territory Food cities. Rearden says there will be more exciting plant-based partnerships in the future.

Territory Foods aims to bring healthy plant-based meals to people across the country. "With the increasing demand and interest in plant-based eating, we’re always so excited to expose customers to healthy cuisines—especially those that don’t live in the cities where the plant-based eateries are located," Rearden says.

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