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Vegan Fast Food Chain Opens 10th Location With Plans for US Expansion
Plant Power Fast Food is going head to head with the big players in the fast-food space but making a bet on the fact that eating meat-free, dairy-free is the way of the future. The company, based in California, is expanding nationwide, and already has restaurants near colleges like San Diego State University and UCSD and now is opening its 10th location in Los Vegas. Thi...
Burger King is Launching Impossible Nuggets This Month: What We Know
Following last year's ‘chicken wars’ which pitted fast-food chains against each other, the competition has now moved into the plant-based sector. Burger King just announced that it will become the first fast-food chain to feature Impossible Foods’ vegan chicken nuggets on its menu. The company plans to roll out the plant-based ...
Matthew Kenney’s Upscale Plant-Based Menu Folia Expands Globally
Celebrity chef Matthew Kenney is bringing his high-end plant-based cuisine to two new Four Seasons Hotels, expanding his concept of a menu within a menu from LA and Bahrain to Kuwait. Through an innovative concept called “Folia,” Kenney will unveil a completely plant-based menu at two more Four Seasons restaurants, Dai Forni and Sinotoho. Folia – Latin for “from the leaves”  – is a collabor... Rea
RZA and Violife Award Grants to 5 Black-Owned Plant-Based Restaurants
Hip-hop icon and vegan activist RZA recently teamed up with plant-based cheese giant Violife for the 2021 Plant Grants program, and the winners were just unveiled. The partnership announced that it would select five Black-owned restaurants to receive $20,000 each to aid plant-based menu development and enhance community outreach efforts. The program will extend...

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