Fast-food chain Taco Bell is taking potatoes off its menu to revamp and prepare for vegan meat options, and devoted plant-based customers are less than enthused. Starting August 13th, Taco Bell will cut twelve menu items that are are a crowd-favorite amongst vegetarians, including the 7-layer burrito, quesarito, spicy tostada, mini skillet bowl, cheesy fiesta potatoes, spicy potato soft taco, and loaded grillers. To replace the twelve menu items, Taco Bell is adding non-vegetarian and non-vegan options that contain beef.

Taco Bell assured customers that just because some popular vegetarian options are being cut doesn't mean there aren't any options left. You can still order a bean burrito, black beans and rice as well as black bean crunchwrap supreme. This popular chain also has a complete guide for vegan options. 

The fast-food chain said in a press release, "While change is hard, a simplified menu and innovation process will leave room for new fan favorites, continued progress in categories such as plant-based diets, and even opportunities for the return of some classics on a limited-time basis."

One vegan was far from happy about Taco bell’s announcement: Twitter user @Tyrathetaurus said, "Taco Bell sweetie you better not be removing your potatoes from your menu. Don't do potato lovers and vegans like this. Beans and potatoes is all we got. Don't do us dirty. Don't be shy: Add some vegan meat and cheese."

CEO of Taco Bell, Mark King, confirmed vegan meat would be added to the menu next year. The chain is in talks with both Beyond and Impossible Meat but there is no word which plant-based alternative they are going with.

Taco Bell is one of the most flexible chains to eat vegetarian and vegan, with a dedicated vegetarian menu and easy ways for vegans to swap out any protein for beans. Editors' Note: Don't forget to say, "no cheese", since almost every menu item contains it.

Taco Bell's controversial menu change is an effort to evolve in the times we are living in. Though we are bummed that potatoes and the delicious creation that is the 7-layer burrito is being cut from the menu, we are excited to see which vegan meat items will hit the menu next year!

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