Customers were less than thrilled after Taco Bell announced this summer that the fast-food chain would be cutting potatoes from the menu, particularly those who don't eat meat, as the fried potatoes were an easy way to swap beef out of dishes to make them vegan or vegetarian. It seems the brand is trying to win plant-forward eaters back by adding plant-based meat to the menu. Starting January 7th, Taco Bell locations throughout the UK will be adding plant-based meat from the brand Gold & Green to the menu.

Gold & Green offers unique, healthier meat alternatives made out of oats, pea, and fava bean protein. Customers can substitute the plant-based meat for any regular meat item on the menu, making the chain even more vegan and vegetarian friendly. As of right now, Taco Bell is serving plant-based meat at 53 locations in the UK as well as select locations in Europe, specifically in Finland and Spain. Unfortunately, no word yet on when the plant-based meat offerings will be added to US Taco Bell menus.


After the chain shocked vegetarians and vegans by taking potatoes off the menu, Taco Bell announced that this move was made in order to revamp and prepare for plant-based meat options, sparking hope that vegan options would be soon added. Some crowd-favorite vegetarian orders were also cut from the menu such as the 7-layer burrito, quesarito, spicy tostada, mini skillet bowl, cheesy fiesta potatoes, spicy potato soft taco, and loaded grillers.

The fast-food chain said in a press release, "While change is hard, a simplified menu and innovation process will leave room for new fan favorites, continued progress in categories such as plant-based diets, and even opportunities for the return of some classics on a limited-time basis."

Taco Bell assured customers that though some popular vegetarian options were cut, the menu was still full of vegetarian items. The choices include a bean burrito, black beans and rice as well as black bean crunch wrap supreme. Most options can be made vegan by asking for no cheese.

We're hopeful that Taco Bell locations in the US will be next to add plant-based meat, especially after CEO Mark King confirmed that vegan meat would be added to the menu come 2021. As we wait to hear whether Taco Bell is going with Impossible or Beyond for stateside locations, you can still head to your local drive-thru and order from the dedicated vegan menu.

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