Welcome to Reality Bites, our new series that reports on how each recipe really turns out when normal readers who love to cook and eat plant-based try out the recipes. We ask: How did it go, and would you make it again? As well as whether you'd feed it to non-vegan or plant-based eaters, and how you might suggest modifying the recipe for others or what changes you made to it (we all do it!).

From Claudia Leopold, reader and enthusiastic plant-based chef.

Why I Chose This Recipe:

I loved this Broccolini recipe so much from Goop that I had to make it and decided to report back to The Beet since I knew other people would want to make it too.


Did You Have the Ingredients On-Hand? 

I had everything I needed for this recipe, except for the grapeseed oil. I prefer using olive oil over grapeseed oil, so it didn't affect prepping for the recipe. In terms of appliances, the recipe calls for a wok, but I just used a big cast-iron frying pan.

How Long Did It Take to Prep? 

I love this recipe because it requires hardly any prep. I spent about ten minutes (if that) washing, drying, and trimming the ends of the broccolini. I was able to mince the garlic and ginger while I waited for the water to boil.  

How Hard Was It? 

This recipe was super easy! I didn’t mind mincing the garlic and ginger, but if you want to avoid a lot of chopping then this step could be swapped out for ginger and garlic paste. Best of all, I was pleasantly surprised by how little-clean up I had to do!

How Did It Turn Out?

This recipe turned out so well that it’s actually one of my new favorites! The ingredients are so simple. The ginger and garlic flavors are a great combo.

How Would You Modify It?

I want to try the recipe with different veggie combos (like cauliflower or broccoli) but other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Was it Worth it?

Definitely! I already had everything I needed, the recipe was quick and easy, and it tasted great. What’s not to love?

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