Welcome to Reality Bites, our series of reporting back on readers who make the recipes we feature here at The Beet. This is where they test the recipe, let us know what it took to make it and whether it was worth making again. Please send your Reality Bites stories to info@thebeet.com.

Why This Recipe?

I have never made anything like kale chips before, but I still thought this recipe was super easy and worthwhile.

Did You Have the Ingredients on Hand:

I had everything I needed, so it only took me 30 minutes start-to-finish!

How Would You Modify It:

The recipe allows you to season your chips to taste, but I would warn against using too much olive oil. A sparing amount of oil makes the kale crunchier, but too much increases the baking time and makes the chips messier.

For tips on how much olive oil to use and other seasoning options, check out The Beet’s “Kale Chips!” Instagram story on @thebeet!

Would You Make it Again?

 Verdict: kale chips should be your new go-to snack food!

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