When Kim Kardashian posted an IG photo posed in a crop top and cargo pants and captioned it "🌱🍃 Plant based does a body good 🌱🍃," her 206 million followers took note of the diet's slimming effects. She looks slender and lean, naturally fit and strong, and her fans have been eager to see if she sticks with her newly plant-based diet plan or not. It appears she is still going plant-strong, and it's paying off.

Kardashian knows the longer you work at something, the better results you'll have. The mother of four ditched meat and dairy for January, as a New Year's goal to get her "body and mind right." To hold herself accountable, she enlisted her sister Khloe to join on the health journey, and the duo set up a 30-day routine, consisting of daily exercise and plant-based eating for 2021. They called the challenge "Sister Boot Camp." Now, almost two months later, it appears that they've surpassed their goal of thirty days on the plant-based front.

On Kim's recent post promoting a plant-based diet for doing a "body good," Khloe commented, "Hello plant life!," joining other celebrities and close friends of the Kardashians who also commented supportive words about her diet: "I’ll go plant based if I can look like this 😍," said Zena Foster,  and "OK fine...I’m switching to plant based!!" said Tracy Romulus.

What Does Eating Plant-Based Do For Your Health and the Environment?

Eliminating animal products from your diet and focusing on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes not only helps animals , but it also has a huge impact on the planet and your health. Most people when they first start a plant-based diet notice a difference in energy levels because the digestion system uses more energy to break down meat. Some also notice a difference in their joints and muscles, having less pain than they used to experience, pre-plant-diet. Dairy causes inflammation which is linked to lifestyle diseases, arthritis, diabetes, and more. Chronic inflammation over a long period of time may even cause certain types of cancer, so it's best to reduce inflammation, and one way is by eating plenty of plants.

When it comes to the environment, the positive impact of eating a plant-based diet is almost instant. "People who eat less meat and dairy are responsible for less than 10 percent of total diet-related greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. If the world's population continues its meat consumption, gas emissions from our food system will account for over half of global emissions created by humans by 2050."

Although Kardashian's diet seems to still include some animal products, such as honey or MorningStar Farms' veggie bacon which contains egg whites, the star is still making big strides to reduce her meat and dairy intake for the sake of her health. While she may not have cut all animal products out of her diet, we applaud anyone who takes a step in the right direction. If you want to work towards a more plant-based diet and don't know where to start, our Beginner's Guide is loaded with resources, recipes, and expert advice for people just starting out.

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