New year, new Kim. The reality-star-turned-entrepreneur is embarking on a vegan journey this month –and she wants you to come along for the healthy living ride. As Kardashian shared on her Instagram stories yesterday, her “Sister Boot Camp” plan starts this month and as part of it, she is “[going] plant-based" and offering two workouts a day for 30 days. Her goal: "to get our mind and body right this year,” according to the caption on the photo of two pairs of sneaks–presumably hers and one of her sister’s.

Prior to posting this news of her personal plant-based challenge, Kardashian also shared two playful videos of her trainer, Melissa Alcantara, getting to work in the gym, one in which Alcantara and Kardashian joke that a twerking class will be their cool-down.

Kim Kardashian Goes Plant-Based for January

The shift to eating plant-based isn’t entirely new for Kardashian. AS ET Online reported in February of last year she eats “mostly plant-based. No meat anymore” and several of her kids enjoy sticking to a plant-based diet, too. She even revealed some of her vegan go-to's, including oatmeal and plant-based sausage for breakfast and vegan tacos for lunch.

If Kardashian is serious about making this plant-based change for good, we suggest that she checks out our 28-Day Plant-Based Plan to help make the plant-based routine stick (and satisfy her taste buds). The plan includes over 40 recipes, shopping lists, daily tips, and expert advice, for free.

And while she’s got us all inspired to stick to our healthy lifestyle goals for the new year, check out The Beet’s own guide to tackling your New Year’s resolutions this year. If you’re making like a Kardashian and embarking on a so-called Sister Boot Camp with a sibling, BFF, or an online buddy, as part of your New Year’s resolutions, don’t underestimate the power of pairing up for making it happen. Now, how about that twerking lesson followed by some vegan tacos?

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