If your goal is to get healthier, eat cleaner, sleep better, have more energy and even lose some weight, you've come to the right place. This plan has everything you need to get back on track! So skip all the junk food, ditch the meat and dairy (which causes inflammation and worse), and go plant-based for 28 days! You'll feel and look better in just days–lighter, leaner, heart healthier, and on your way to better health. If you're eager to clean up your act and your diet, going plant-based for 28 days is the best way to do it –and this plan is perfect for you.

Your 28 Day Plant-Based Plan Sign-Up

What you'll get on the FREE 28-Day Healthy Plant-Based Plan:

  • 40+ delicious, healthy recipes
  • A helpful expert tip of the day for 28 days
  • Community support in an exclusive FB group
  • 4 Shopping lists, one for each week
  • Daily newsletters to help you stay on track

Make it even easier! Get the 77-page e-book, and unlock bonus content.

When you buy the e-book you'll get all the amazing content in one convenient place, plus bonus help to stay on track, including 2 exclusive workout videos, a Zoom nutrition group session (where you can ask questions of the RD, along with other dieters), hosted by a plant-based dietician, and one online cooking demo with a well-known vegan recipe developer.

Welcome to Your 28 Day Plant-Based Plan E-Book & Helpful Bonus Content

The best part about buying the 77-page e-Book, for just $9.95 one-time-payment is you have the entire plan in one convenient place. Print it out or keep it handy on your phone and check back daily. Take your weekly shopping lists to the store! This beautiful e-book has everything you need to succeed.

Unlock the Premium 28-Day Plant-Based Plan for $9.95 and you'll receive:

  • The 77-page e-book that you can print out or use on your screens
  • Fitness videos: You get 2 customized video workouts from personal trainers
  • Cooking demo: 1 cooking lesson from a popular plant-based chef
  • Nutrition counseling: 1 Zoom group call with a plant-based nutritionist

Break the cycle of making New Year's Resolutions that end up in the proverbial trash heap by mid-month, and take a challenge that will upgrade your lifestyle and forge long-lasting healthy habits with The Beet's 28-Day Plant-Based Plan.

Sign up for this program and you'll receive a delicious plant-based meal plan that gives you 3 easy recipes a day for 28 days. With dishes created by incredible plant-based chefs, these meals are packed with nutritious foods that deliver everything you need for a healthy lifestyle reboot.

Along with the 40-plus recipes, The Beet's 28-Day Plant-Based Plan features expert advice, a newsletter of the day to get you started, 4 helpful shopping lists, and a community FB group, and if you want it all in one place, you can upgrade your plan from the free version and pay to get the 75-page e-book (for $9.95) with bonus materials like a progress tracker, and 2 customized workout videos, as well as be invited to a Zoom call with a nutritionist who will answer your questions, and a cooking demo to learn how to make a new favorite meal.


If you choose the premium option, you'll unlock bonus content. But if you choose the FREE option, don't worry: We'll be there for you to help you succeed, every step of the way and help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

Why should you choose a plant-based plan:

The benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle are well-known:  Studies have shown that following a diet free of animal products (which cause inflammation) and full of fresh fruits and vegetables (full of antioxidants and immune-boosting vitamins) has been proven to lower your risk of all major lifestyle diseases including a lower risk of certain cancers, type 2 diabetesheart diseasehigh blood pressure, and makes it easier for you to lose weight, on a heart-healthy diet.

With The Beet's 28-Day Plant-Based plan, you get everything you need to start your happy, healthy New Year!

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