Plant-Based Diet Reversed Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, New Study Finds

|Updated Feb 18, 2020
Getty Images/Westend61
In what is being called "Unprecedented" findings, the diet helped 32 or 38 type-2 diabetic patients get off their medication after eating the plant-based diet for 20 weeks. Each got a personalized plan depending on their tastes and needs.
NFI bills itself as "a step forward in balanced interaction between natural food types. We have taken 1000’s of food groups and cross-referenced the chemical compounds within each of them to create an environment in the body which promotes faster metabolism and targets lipids around your internal organs (liver and pancreas) and especially the tiny lipid particles covering the insulin receptors which are a main cause of Insulin resistance."

The diet consists predominately of beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

The NFI Protocol

Founded by a businessman and a biomedical scientist, the NFI Protocol is tailored for an individual's weight, height, age, gender and medication, and diagnoses. The study results have been authored by a number of leading diabetes academics, diabetes researchers and doctors, among others.

The 7,000-word publication addresses whether NFI is better than other plant-based diets for curing type 2 Diabetes: "An important part will also be to compare the results of the NFI diet and the usual dietary regimens recommended for type 2 diabetic patients, including PBDs (vegetarian, vegan).

The study represents the first of many publications on the effects of the NFI Protocol on type 2 diabetic patients. It is believed the results could be submitted to bigger journals later in the year, including Diabetes Care and The Lancet.

Slovakia's leading media outlet PRAVDA recently published an article about the early results (a teaser for which can be seen here) titled 'Is This The End Of Type 2 Diabetes In Slovakia?'.