When you try to buy something healthy at the store, the experience of shopping can be overwhelming–there are just too many choices (or you can't find that exact vegan cheese you need for your recipe tonight). That's why each week the editors of The Beet share our favorite products and lifestyle hacks and what helps us achieve our healthy plant-based or vegan eating goals. Here are eight to consider, including two superhero products from each editor. Send us any products you are loving or share your favorites on our Facebook page. We want to hear what helps you be your healthiest and live a more plant-based lifestyle.

Lucy's Favorite Plant-Based Products of the Week

1. Mab & Stoke Immunity Tabs full of 8 full servings of herbs and antioxidants

These little herbal powerhouses give you just the shot of superfoods you need to add to whatever healthy plant-based foods you are currently eating (drop one into your favorite drink and stir). For me, on days when I know that my meals (typically oatmeal with berries, lentil soup or salad, and pasta or roasted vegetables) don't afford me all the building blocks my body needs to create an optimally healthy machine, I pop a Mab & Stoke into my tea and it just energizes the system.
These tabs come in four different formulas: Immune boosting, as well as Calm (which I should also take), Renew and Focus. (Okay, I need all four). Want some of each? Whichever tabs you need, Mab & Stoke will customize your order by mixing and matching different tabs in a 28-tab tin. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Mab & Stoke is that they offer different payment levels, through what they call a "self-subsidized community, which allows the pricing to be inclusive for all, no matter what your financial situation. (Founder Christina Mace-Turner wrote an essay about it here.) This allows you to pay what you can. For every 10% off order and 30% off order it fulfills, the company can offer one at 80% off to anyone who needs the deeper discount–all they ask is that you pay according to the honor system, so if you are gainfully employed, the idea is that you leave that steeply discounted level for someone who is having more financial pressure right now.

To make sure you’re getting your immune-boosting antioxidants and adaptogens, each tab contains 8 full servings of powerhouse herbs including highly concentrated extractions of Elderberry, Astragalus, and Ashwagandha. The immune tabs are designed to be taken daily when you’re feeling fine and then double up and take two a day at first signs of sickness or if you’re run down. Mab & Stoke has been growing by leaps and bound, and now is collaborating with the Butcher’s Daughter to infuse Chill Out Brownie with functional herbs, and make an Energizing Pancake and Waffle Mix, as well as Wölffer’s No. 139 Botanical Cider. (One note: The mixes are not vegan, but the Butcher’s Daughter x Mab & Stoke Immunity Tonic is.)


2. Take Two Chocolate Barley Milk, with 8 grams of plant-based protein

I make no apologies or secret about the fact that I am a chocoholic. It just means that being plant-based I have to seek out fully vegan nor non-dairy options for my fix. So when I came across Take Two Barley Milk, and tried the Chocolate flavor, it satisfied a deep-seated need for chocolate milk that I used to have as a kid. The milk is rich, sweet, and fully satiating, meaning instead of eating something much more caloric or rich, I can get my Ya Ya's out with a single glass of this plant-based beverage.

Unlike some other plant-based milks, this one has no aftertaste and allows you to imagine it's the stuff you made a kid, with Nes-Quick and milk, for an after-school snack. One cup has 140 calories, 16 grams of carbs, 1 gram of fiber, and 8 grams of protein, plus vitamin D (25 percent of your daily recommended value) and Calcium (35 percent of your daily recommended value), and Potassium (4 percent)  and yet is still very low in fat, only 1.5 grams of Sat Fat. So while it's not devoid of sugars (14 grams in all) you can feel good about satisfying your sweet tooth and chocolate cravings in one plant-based drink.

Based in Oregon, Take Two sells their original or vanilla, or unsweetened or chocolate milks directly from their website.

Stephanie's Favorite Plant-Based Products of the Week

1. Tenzo Matcha

I’ve tried a handful of matcha (green tea) powders in my day, and the difference in taste when you have a really high-quality one is astounding. Tenzo’s Organic Matcha Tea is a super energizing green tea blend that leaves all of the bitterness that some brands have behind and instead gives you a smooth, delicious drink.

For a jitterless boost of energy, Tenzo in my mug is my new favorite way to start the morning instead of coffee. Tenzo's blend gives you day-long energy, without any of the crash. I mix a little agave with the powder and whisk, pouring the bright green liquid over some frothed oat milk. If you're looking for an anxiety-free way to start your day, Tenzo's Organic Matcha is unmatched in quality and boasts 60 servings in one purchase. Try Tenzo here with free shipping and a money-back guarantee, so there's nothing to lose if you don't love it, but I promise you will.

2. Eclipse Foods Plant-Based Ice Cream in Chocolate

These past few days in NYC have felt like Spring–50 degrees, sun shining, everyone out basking in the beautiful weather. It may be premature, but I'm celebrating warmer weather with Eclipse Foods' Plant-Based Ice Cream because to me, nothing says stretching towards Spring like a frozen treat.

In a blind taste test, you would never know that Eclipse's offerings are dairy-free: They're creamy, rich, and full, just like real dairy. In actuality, the pints are totally plant-based, non-GMO, and a decadent way to end (or begin–I never judge!) your day. Eclipse's ice creams are available for nationwide shipping and come in flavors including Cookie Butter, Vanilla, and Chocolate, my personal favorite. Order here on the brand's website.

Hailey's Favorite Plant-Based Products of the Week

1. Dr. Liia Ramachandra's Vegan Brand EpiLynx

If you're looking for skincare that actually provides the results you want, then Dr. Liia Ramachandra's vegan skincare line EpiLynx is perfect for you. The high-quality and easy to trust ingredients are sourced based on research and final formulation development needed for the skin type and condition. The creator and owner is a doctor with over 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical medicine and struggled with her gluten allergy, realizing she wasn't the only one. To create a product that catered to her needs, and everyone else she started EpiLynx, a vegan, gluten-free, allergy-free, and clean skincare line.

The first product I used was the Crystal Day Serum, which I applied all over my face and neck. The serum is on the thicker side and applies very smoothly, hydrating the skin instantly, it almost felt like a gave my face a glass of water. I then followed up with the Crystal Day Cream and the Eye Cream which also proved their purpose. I dabbed a little cream on my finger and gently rubbed it into my skin, finding that a little product went a long way because the silky cream spreads along the skin easily. The eye cream was also an eye-opener (pun intended). After a few days of using the eye cream, I noticed the puffiness around my eyes was reduced and I looked more awake. Overall, I feel refreshed after using Epilynx for just one week.

To purchase EpiLynx vegan and gluten-free products, click here.

2. Spicy Nuggs

There is no surprise that Nuggs are one of the hardest meat-alternatives to find, the delicious "chicken" nuggets seem to be always sold out. Whenever you can get your hands on these small, delicious, vegan nuggets, do so.

Nuggs are my guilty pleasure. The other night, I poured. a glass of red wine and dunked each nugget into a homemade dairy-free aioli sauce, similar to McDonald's Big Mac sauce, and not-so-prettily scarfed down the whole meal. The best part was how simple they were to make. I took an oven-proof pan laid a piece of parchment paper and cooked the Nuggs for 13 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. I was in junk food heaven.

Now, without much thought, my dinner plans look like a bowl of Nuggs with sauce, maybe a side salad for a healthy balance, and a tall glass of red wine.

To purchase Nuggs, click here.

Caitlin's Favorite Plant-Based Products of the Week

1. Protein2o Plant Protein Water

The moment I put Protein2o in the fridge, my family rushed to try it out, especially since none of us have ever tried protein water before. Not only did they love this plant protein water but they also went back for another right after. Protein2o is a plant protein water that has 15 grams of protein, zero grams of sugar, and only 70 calories.

This protein water was such a hit in my house for its refreshing flavors and its high protein content, which comes from pea protein isolate. Protein 2o comes in three flavors:  Lemongrass Chamomile, Key Lime Coconut, Blackberry Basil. My personal favorite was the Lemongrass Chamomile that tastes like freshly infused water with a hint of sweetness. For anyone who worries about getting enough protein and staying hydrated, protein2o makes it easy with this two-in-one beverage!

Buy a sample pack with all three flavors here.

2. Village Harvest Microwaveable Rice

If there's one thing I keep stocked in my pantry it's microwavable rice, specifically Village Harvest's rice, and grains. Village Harvest's microwaveable rice and grains elevate any old dinner into a delicious home-cooked quality meal.

Village Harvest's organic rice and grains are inspired by various cuisines from around the world such as India and Thailand. As much as we love a gourmet meal, time doesn't always permit cooking beautifully seasoned rice or make a combination of rice and beans. I love this brand for its unique varieties including Jasmine Rice, Coconut Turmeric and Thai Green Curry. All you have to do is pop it in the microwave for 90 seconds and serve. Trust me, this rice will make dinner so much easier, healthier, and even more delicious!

You can find Village Harvest products in Whole Foods.