The youngest chef to own a restaurant and publish a cookbook, Omari McQueen, has again made history by landing his own cooking show.

UK vegan chef Omari McQueen is 12 years old and recently scored a show on CBBC, a BBC channel for children. The show is called What’s Cooking Omari? and will follow McQueen as he prepares plant-based meals and recipes to encourage other children to try new foods.

“He’s only 12 years old but has already won the hearts of hundreds and thousands online, cooking up a storm with his delicious vegan food,” said a statement from BBC. “In his first-ever TV commission, Omari introduces us to his effervescent siblings, who join him in the kitchen to create a wonderful array of delicious healthy meals for all the family to enjoy.”

What’s Cooking Omari? will be a seven-minute weekly segment. McQueen has been vegan since he was seven years old and created his own vegan brand, Dipalicious, at age eight after starting a YouTube channel where he filmed himself making vegan pizzas. Omari has been incredibly successful given his young age, and currently holds the titles for the youngest multi-award-winning vegan chef, Britain's youngest TV chef, and the world's youngest restauranteur after he hosted a Dipalicious pop-up restaurant in Croydon, UK last year that served a variety of vegan options.

McQueen has also been working on his first cookbook called Omari McQueen’s Best Bites Cookbook which is set to be released in January 2021. We are looking forward to seeing the young chef inspire other kids to make healthier choices and explore a plant-based diet! You can follow Omari's Instagram to stay up to date with the cookbook release and watch as the vegan entrepreneur creates vegan dishes on his social media.

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