Lobster rolls are a summer staple, especially in the North East in Maine, Cape Cod, and New York. Although the dish is not vegan, there are different ways to make a plant-based version using meat alternatives, vegetables, or chickpeas.

In this recipe, by Tribeca's Kitchen, a popular diner in New York, the restaurant shared a vegan lobster roll with The Beet. It's made with two different kinds of mushrooms: Lobster and Shitake. The meaty texture of the mushrooms mocks the taste of lobster and the garlic oil and chives combine for a fresh aftertaste. Now you can enjoy a vegan version of a summer tradition at Tribeca's Kitchen or in the comfort of your own home.

"Tribeca's Kitchen is a reconceptualized, neighborhood diner located at 200 Church Street, New York, NY. Serving classic breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner dishes with their signature touch, Tribeca’s Kitchen has proudly served their community for over 5 years, while Andy Koutsoudakis Sr. has been a New York City restaurateur for over 30 years. Tribeca’s Kitchen also offers private dining, catering, take-out, and delivery."

Vegan Lobster Roll Recipe


  • 4 oz of Lobster Mushrooms
  • 4 oz Shiitake Mushrooms
  • 2 Teaspoons Garlic Oil
  • 1 Potato Bun
  • 2 pcs Butter Lettuce
  • 2 oz Mushroom Reduction
  • 1 oz Chives
  • 1 Teaspoon Roasted Garlic Puree
  • 1 Teaspoon Salt
  • 1 Teaspoon Pepper
  • 1 Lemon Slice


  1. Heat 2 teaspoons of garlic oil. Once the pan is hot, add both types of mushrooms.
  2. Season the pan with salt and pepper. Once the mushrooms have a nice solid brown color, transfer to a bowl and add 1 ½ teaspoon of mushroom mayo.
  3. Toast the potato bun and add the butter lettuce pieces to the bun.
  4. Add the mushroom mix over the butter lettuce.
  5. Top with chives and a slice of squeezed lemon.

Mushroom Mayo:

  1. Mix one cup mayo with ¼ cup of mushroom reduction and roasted garlic puree.
  2. Add salt and pepper for taste. Add a few drops of lemon juice and ¼ cup of chives.

Mushroom Reduction:

  1. Simmer stems from both types of mushrooms for 45 minutes. Strain over 1 teaspoon of black peppercorn and bayleaf.
  2. Reduce liquid to 1Qt. Once cool, mix ½ cup into 1 cup of mayo.

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