Sometimes, you just need to know where the nearest slice of vegan pizza can be procured so you can book it there for your ‘za fix pronto. For moments like that, HappyCow—which allows you to find vegan and vegetarian eatery options around the world—comes to the rescue, whether you find yourself in Tulsa or Toledo model.

Now, hungry vegans, vegetarians, and anybody who appreciates a plant-based feast can look forward to finding the best veg eats around when they’re in their car. Specifically, select Toyota and Lexus models (both brands are owned by Toyota Motor Corporation) from this year and newer will include HappyCow integration so you can find delicious, plant-forward fare while you’re on the move.

HappyCow Technology Included in New Toyota and Lexus Models

The service will come through these cars’ Destination Assist feature, which will allow users to search for vegan and vegetarian restaurants across the country. To enable access to HappyCow’s listings, use keywords like “vegetarian” or “vegan,” and you’ll be connected to a live agent who can send over directions to options near you via Destination Assist.

“It’s sort of a live experience where you don’t have to use your phone, you can actually just talk to your car, and then the navigation coordinates are sent to your navigator in your car, and then you’re on your way,” Ken Spector, HappyCow’s principal, told LIVEKINDLY, reminding us that The Jetsons future we always dreamed of is practically here.

Currently, Spector says HappyCow helps approximately two million people track down tantalizing vegan and vegetarian eats each month, and he expects the partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation will extend to two million new car owners in the United States each year,

If you’re looking for more great vegan recs, check out our vegan city guides here and this tool that lets you find Black-owned businesses that are vegan and cruelty-free, all across the country.

This has certainly been a year for missing travel and the thrill of discovering new cities. It would certainly be pretty neat to give these new cars a spin and discover the best vegan finds on the wide-open road.

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