Following years of development, Nestle just announced that it will introduce two new plant-based offerings, introducing its brand new vegan egg and shrimp products. As the largest global food company, Nestle's plant-based debut impacts the entire market, providing consumers with sustainable, healthy, and plant-based foods everywhere. The two new vegan products will be released under the company’s Garden Gourmet brand, but consumers await information about where the new products will be available.

The plant-based debut is in line with Nestle’s overarching goal to improve its health and sustainability. The company has claimed that it plans to expand its plant-based sector to meet the growing demand from plant-based consumers while also meeting international sustainability standards.

The Garden Gourmet vEGGie presents a liquid egg product that uses soy protein and omega-2 fatty acids to replicate the nutritional value of conventional chicken eggs. Nestle developed the vegan egg to be cooked similarly, allowing it to be scrambled and an effective ingredient in baking. Alongside the vegan egg, the Garden Gourmet Vrimp contains a blend of pea protein, konjac root, and seaweed to replicate the seafood flavor.

“Our new plant-based shrimp and egg alternatives have an authentic texture and flavor, as well as a favorable nutritional profile which makes them a good replacement for animal-based shrimp and eggs in a wide range of dishes,” Nestle Chief Technology Officer Stefan Palzer said. “Our longstanding expertise in the plant, protein, and nutritional sciences enabled our teams to develop these great innovations in under a year. As we speak our R&D teams are already preparing the next wave of plant-based launches.”

In recent years, Nestle has accelerated its plant-based development after facing years of controversy regarding its supply chain, waste, and production practices. The company has been called out for causing severe deforestation, using child labor, and practicing unethical water mining. Following the criticism, Nestle began reversing these policies company-wide and implemented several initiatives to redesign the company’s production.

“As a principle, the only way to get trust is to earn it,” Nestle CEO Mark Schneider said speaking about earning consumer trust back at an event held in London this week. “And there are no shortcuts there. And I think you have to know that over time, with good and honest and convincing products. And then also corporate behavior that people feel good about and that’s something we’re deeply committed to.

“That’s why, for example, it was so important, especially here for a vegan community that we are crystal clear on the ingredients, and that, you know, the ingredient list is short and it’s very basic natural ingredients.”

The vegan shrimp and egg join Garden Gourmet’s already extensive selection of plant-based products currently distributed across both the retail and foodservice sector. One product includes the Sensational Burger that rolled out at McDonald’s in Germany for The Big Vegan TS burger’s debut. The vegan shrimp will also accompany the brand’s plant-based tuna product.

Nestle also launched the vegetarian brand Sweet Earth in the United States, offering vegan proteins including the Awesome Grounds, Awesome Burger, and vegan cheddar-stuffed sausages. The brand also just released a new Awesome Burger mixed with its vegan Benevolent Bacon pieces. Beyond the vegetarian brand,

Nestle recently launched a full vegan selection with Freshly. The new Purely Plant menu provides a chef-prepared meal delivery service complete with six plant-based meal options. The two US brands aim to enhance the company’s plant-based presence and accessibility to plant-based consumers.

​​“We’re thrilled to provide our customers with a convenient way to incorporate minimally processed, plant-based meals into their routines,” Freshly Founder and CEO Mike Wystrach said in August. “We recognize that it can be challenging to eat a more plant-based diet without sacrificing on taste; but with the launch of Freshly’s Purely Plant, we’re laser-focused on delivering a variety of delicious, convenient, and better-for-you meal options, while also supporting flexitarians looking to make simple changes towards a more plant-based lifestyle.”

News: Nestle Debuts Vegan Egg and Shrimp


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