Subway teamed up with Martha Stewart to "grow" their own plant-based meatballs. And show us how to care for our own plant-based meatball plants at home. Okay so it's humor, and it's Canadian, and we're dying. It's so funny and silly that we wished they sold these meatless meatball subs here in the US. Perhaps that's the point. In all the seriousness about the Beyond Meat IPO and the health benefits of ditching the meat, we forget to have some fun!

What genius booked  Martha Stewart for this ad? And what other genius let her do her dead-pan delivery without so much as a "cut!" She wins us here, over and over again. Who cares that she isn't vegan? Who cares that the sub looks kind of over-wrought? We want to be  in on the joke, or on set, saying "Martha, pick up the fan, and give the meatball plant a little more love." We love it so much that we even plan to try this concoction when it arrives stateside.

Check it out. Yahoo News brings us the story, but Martha delivers it with signature humor. We love the fact that the Domestic Goddess can make fun of herself. Now if she only Stewart could snap her fingers and import those plant-based meatballs soon, we'd show up for that.






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