Introducing: The Limelon, Half Lime, Half Melon, a New Fruit for Summer

|Updated Jun 25, 2020
Limelon from Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer in London has introduced a new hybrid fruit called the Limelon, which is a combination of a lime and a melon. The Express called it the "taste of the summer," and because it's a limited edition item, they expect a run on the zesty new fruit by shoppers.

The hint of lime taste has gone over big in beer, chips, even water. Now you can have it in your zesty melon in the morning. It's a limited edition fruit grown in Spain and so those wanting to try it will need to shop fast if they want to try it

Those who have tasted it say it has a zesty citrus bite, making it "more exciting" than a classic melon. Marks and Spencer suggested adding it to savory salads or topping it with yogurt or as a snack. The new fruit is £3, or about $5, and available at selected stores only.

The store debuted its latest fruity find in an Instagram post that announced: "Introducing the LIMELON! This incredible limited-edition hybrid fruit tastes like a juicy melon with a hint of lime--deliciously refreshing with a zesty citrus bite. "Perfect for all the family, this zingy fruit is great served on its own, topped on yogurt, or added to savory lunchtime salads."

Zingy indeed. The IG immediately had thousands of likes, and comments asking how it's made, what it tastes like, and saying they intend to pick up one today. The Express of London also covered the story and called the Limelon the "taste of the summer."