Just because you went vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up the victuals of wintry delight. Turkey? There’s a plant-based roast for that. A cheeseboard? Make it vegan! And you don’t need us to tell you there are endless delightful plant-based desserts.

But when it comes to tracking down certain holiday staples, we’ll be the first to admit it can sometimes take a little extra legwork to find a comparable (and comparably delicious) veganized version. One such item? Hot cocoa and marshmallows. While hot chocolate is easy enough to make vegan (just use non-dairy milk in place of the real deal), tracking down vegan marshmallows can be tough, and some are super pricey and, to put it nicely, lacking in the flavor and texture department.

That’s why we were so excited when we caught wind of a piece from VegNews on the debut of Elmhurst 1925’s Ultimate Hot Chocolate Kit ($49.99). The gift set comes with everything a vegan hot cocoa enthusiast could dream of to make the perfect cuppa mushroom-cacao hot chocolate including Elmhurst 1925 products and goodies from several partners:

  • 32 ounces of Elmhurst Chocolate Milked Oats™ (chocolate-flavored oat milk)
  • 32 ounces Elmhurst Original Milked Oats™ (oat milk)
  • Dandies® Vanilla Mini Marshmallows Packet
  • Three Packets of Four Sigmatic® Mushroom Cacao Mix
  • One Enjoy Life® Semi-Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips Pack

The box also includes a chic and durable 12-ounce W&P Design Porter Mug for you or the giftee’s imbibing pleasure.

Call us fortune-tellers, but we think several people on our holiday list this year will have a hot chocolate surprise arriving at the door in the coming weeks. And since this is the season (um, year?) of treating ourselves, we have a feeling a set will be coming our way, too.

P.S.If you prefer to DIY a warm mug of bliss, check out our recipe for hot chocolate topped with extra cocoa.

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