Americans eat 274 pounds of meat on average annually, despite growing concerns about the environment and mounting evidence linking red meat to health complications. This week, Juicy Marbles revealed a product that intends to disrupt the American meat industry by catering to America's love for steak. The Slovenian food tech company announced the e-commerce launch of its unique-to-the-market Whole-Cut Loin made completely from plant-based ingredients.

“With nearly two pounds of 100 percent plant-based meat, this cut enables the novice cook to the experienced chef the ability to create steaks, broths, bowls, sandwiches, roasts, or Wellingtons. Roast, grill, broil or pan-fry it," Juicy Marbles said in a statement. "It can be cut into filets, chunks, or slices. It’s raw and unseasoned, giving full creative control in the kitchen."

Juicy Marbles claims that its newest product is the biggest piece of plant-based meat ever created. The company uses a proprietary fat marbling technique that allows plant-based ingredients to replicate conventional meat texture and cooking ability. The innovative plant-based meat is made from non-GMO soy, sunflower oil, and beetroot powder. The loin contains 26 grams of protein per serving.

“In a world so extremely serious, Juicy Marbles wanted to create a reason to celebrate food, the joy of eating, and the human experience,” the company said in a statement. “You shouldn’t need to be a culinary genius to make delicious and satiating meals.”

Whole-Cut Loin sales started on November 11th. Currently, the brand has a waitlist of 15,000 shoppers. The company claims that it is "the biggest, most insulting piece of plant meat ever conceived & home-chefs most faithful companion."

Lizzo Loves Juicy Marbles' Filet Mignon

Juicy Marbles first launched in the United States this June, selling out of its plant-based filet mignon in just two hours. But before selling out, pop icon and TikTok sensation Lizzo managed to get her hands on the new vegan filet mignon. The star helped introduce the plant-based steak to her nearly 26 million followers by cooking a vegan steak and eggs with the help of JUST Egg's plant-based egg replacer.

“We’ve decided to begin with the filet mignon because it is the ‘crown jewel’ of the steak world, and it showcases our marbling technology best — which we would say is our clear and defining selling proposition, before we move onto other whole-cuts,” Juicy Marbles told TechCrunch last year.  “We want to be known for our sirloins, rumps, filets, tomahawks, and wagyu, as well as for our filet mignons — not just the most expensive cuts long-term. Long-term, our view is that we want to make filet mignon more affordable and accessible, given the different economics of it being plant-based.”

Before releasing the vegan steak commercially, the food tech brand secured $45 million in seed funding. The brand aims to give chefs full creative control in the kitchen with its versatile, near-identical whole-cut vegan meats.

Vegan Steak is Here Nationwide

Juicy Marbles joins a wealth of other companies developing vegan steak alternatives, including Redefine Meat and Novameat, which have developed 3D printing technologies to replicate the muscle texture of conventional meat with plant-based ingredients. This August, Redefine Meat announced that its 3D-printed vegan flank steaks will roll out at several popular restaurants including Mr. Whites, German Gymnasium, Chotto Matte, and Gillray’s Steakhouse and Bar. Both brands currently have limited retail availability for consumers.

This October, Beyond Meat debuted its first plant-based steak product at select Jewel Osco stores across the midwest. Shoppers can find the 10-ounce plant-based seared tips for $7.99 on the retailer's website. Beyond also recently debuted its Beyond Carne Asada Steak at Taco Bell locations in the Dayton, Ohio area until supplies run out.

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