Americans love to cut into a big juicy steak, but this staple of the Western diet comes with a high cost, health-wise. Eating even half a serving or more of red meat or processed meat every day is associated with a 13 percent higher risk of total mortality, according to a Harvard study, aptly titled: "Increasing red meat consumption, especially of processed meats, is linked with a higher risk of premature death."

Despite the increased risk of heart disease, certain cancers such as colorectal cancer, and other life-threatening diseases, red meat remains a regular dish at the dinner table. The average American consumes approximately 274 pounds of meat per year.

As if to challenge these habits, while offering a plant-based alternative, now, Beyond Meat is launching a product to win over meat eaters once and for all: Beyond Steak.

Beyond Meat Launches Beyond Steak

Beyond first teased its Beyond Steak products earlier this year, but now, shoppers have spotted the plant-based steak at select Jewel Osco stores across the midwest. This vegan steak joins the company's current selection of tenders, burger patties, and meatballs.

Beyond Steak Seared Tips feature a wheat gluten and fava beans recipe that's packed with 21 grams of protein. Soon, Americans nationwide could get a taste of the innovative product. The 10-ounce packages are priced at $7.99 on Jewel Osco's website.

“Our commitment to rapid and relentless innovation means we’re always working to bring the world’s best plant-based meat products to market to increase accessibility to delicious, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based proteins,” a Beyond Meat spokesperson told VegNews. “We’re excited to share more details soon about our sliced steak product and believe consumers are going to be very impressed with the product’s great taste and versatility.”

Beyond released its vegan steak along with two additional products: Beyond Popcorn Chicken and Beyond Nuggets. The two new chicken products are described to contain 50 percent less saturated fat than conventional chicken nuggets. The plant-based chicken also contains 14 grams of protein per serving, priced at $5.99 per 10-ounce bag.

Beyond Steak is "One of Our Best Products To Date”

Beyond CEO Ethan Brown discussed the vegan steak this July with The Wall Street Journal's Global Food Forumnoting that he believes that the Beyond Steak will rank among the company's "best products." During the interview, the CEO revealed that the production process was near completion, and he expected commercialization to happen soon.

“The reasons to do what we’re doing and the reason for the consumer to engage with what we’re doing strengthens every day,” Brown said at the time. “There’s the pandemic. There’s [the] recession. There’s [the] gas prices. There’s all this noise out there, but what continues to strengthen is the need to do what we’re doing.

"We’re getting better at that every year and with reason to do it in terms of climate, human health, the overall environment (land, energy, and water), and animal welfare … all those reasons continue to be present and increase in importance."

Last August, the company applied for 108 trademarks including Beyond Milk, Beyond Seafood, Beyond Tuna, and more, signifying that the company releases will only continue to launch following the Beyond Popcorn Chicken and Beyond Steak.

Taco Bell Rolls Out the Long-Awaited Beyond Meat

Beyond's production team is also working closely with the food service industry. Most recently, the plant-based brand revealed its first-of-its-kind Beyond Carne Asada Steak made exclusively with plant-based ingredients. Following nearly a year of development, the plant-based steak will arrive at select locations around Dayton, Ohio on October 13, until supplies run out.

Consumers that have relied on Taco Bell for cheap vegan and vegetarian-friendly fast food for decades can now order anything on the menu with plant-based steak rather than just black beans and potatoes.

Vegan Steak Coming to Restaurants Near You

Beyond Meat's vegan steak is also available at Elephant & Vine in Chicago inside the eatery's signature vegan steak burrito. But Beyond is not the only company bringing plant-based steak to hungry customers. Canada-based Urbani Brands is releasing a vegan ribeye-style steak this fall. The 'Misteak' will launch at select stores and high-end restaurants before expanding its commercial availability. Juicy Marbles also debuted a meatless filet mignon which Lizzo helped go viral over TikTok and we tried it to see if it lived up to the hype.

This August, Redefine Meat announced that its 3-D printed vegan flank steaks will roll out at several popular restaurants including Mr. Whites, German Gymnasium, Chotto Matte, and Gillray’s Steakhouse and Bar. Soon, steak alternatives will be available everywhere with the help of Redefine (especially following its partnership with hotel chain Selina) and Beyond Meat.

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