One in 4 Americans are eating less meat according to a Gallup Poll published earlier this year. That number is growing fastest among women, African Americans, and Democrats. For people over 40 eating less meat is a health goal. For people under 40 eating less meat is a  planet goal. These are vast generalizations but according to The Wall Street Journal, it adds up to a world where everyone is trying to eat less meat.

There are other constituents for new meatless burgers, As The Game Changers documentary clean showed when it debuted last fall with a lineup of elite athletes who are going plant-based to enhance their performance and recovery times. Millennial Moms, who now outnumber non-moms who are Millennials, are choosing the serve their young children chemical-free, organic and healthier foods that include plant-based milk, and meat substitutes.

Add to those groups more segments of the consumer public: The "globalists," who are generally defined as Generation Z student activists who are aligned with their spiritual leader Greta Thunberg, and who see the Earth as theirs to inherit after their parents have pretty much messed things up. Add to the above group those animal rights activists who are following the lead of Joaquin Phoenix and are giving up milk and meat for ethical reasons.

When you add together all the groups attempting to lessen their meat and dairy intake, for the planet, for animals, for health reasons, it becomes a very large part of the consuming public indeed. This is the topic of a new piece and video in The Wall Street Journal. 

Companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, and many others, are riding the wave (or perhaps creating it) toward a meatless future that has consumers passing on the beef most of the time and choosing plant-based proteins wherever they can.

Watch this video for a lesson in where we're heading on the meat-eating planet of carnivores.

Meatless eating is taking hold. How are you choosing to bite in? May is a month to start, as the new movement toward a  "Meat-Free" May is taking off. For more on how to begin your meatless journey check out The Beginner's Guide to Going Plant-Based and start today.

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