Beyond Meat announced that the company is giving away one million burgers over the next month to health care workers on the front lines treating patients with COVID-19.

The El Segundo, California-based brand is donating its famous meatless pea-protein burgers to hospitals, medical centers, food banks, community organizations, and frontline workers. And it's getting support from celebrities including comedian Kevin Hart.

Hart is working with Beyond Meat to deliver burgers to Dignity Health Northridge Hospital Medical Center in the Los Angeles area.

"I love that you stepped up and I want to do my part as your partner and step up as well," Hart said in an Instagram post praising Beyond Meat. He also touted the frontline hospital workers as "the real heroes" fighting to help those afflicted by the virus. COVID-19. The coronavirus has already claimed the lives of 14,000 people in the US among the more than   415,000 reported cases, and caused more than 87,000 deaths globally of the nearly 1.5 million cases reported worldwide, according to Worldometers.

Beyond Meat's donation of the million meals is aligned with the company's overarching mission to use food as a vehicle for change.

Hart, along with other members of the extended Beyond Meat community, will help donate the meals to food banks in Missouri, Texas, Washington DC, as well as medical centers in  New York and Los Angeles. Rethink's Restaurant Response Program and DoorDash will help deliver the meals at no charge to workers.

Beyond Meat is also working in tandem with the #HashtagLunchbag to set up outposts in the LA neighborhoods of Inglewood and View Park to help route meals to those in need.

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