Plant-based bacon lovers, get ready to shout 'Hooray!' Vegan food brand Hooray Foods just announced that its first product, plant-based bacon, will be available at 300 Whole Food’s stores nationwide this fall. Hooray Foods designed its product to match bacon’s classic, smokey taste, complete with a perfect pan sizzle while it cooks.

Hooray Food’s founder, Sri Artham, founded the company to mitigate pig farming’s environmental impact. The devastation of California’s recent fires motivated him to create a product specifically focused on improving the environment. He explained, “When the Camp Fire hit here in California in November last year, for three days you couldn’t walk outside in San Francisco. There was just too much smog in the air. That’s the moment that made me switch from social issues in our food system to environmental.”


Hooray’s bacon uses liquid smoke and umami seasoning made from shiitake mushrooms, maple syrup, salt, and beet juice concentrate to replicate the familiar smokey sweet taste of bacon. A food industry veteran, Artham developed his product by “tinkering in his kitchen” to create plant-based bacon that would appeal to vegans and omnivores alike. He describes his approach to designing the product, saying, “People who love bacon, love Hooray. I came at it from a totally different direction and developed it with a novel way to encapsulate fat in a substrate.”
Next time you’re craving a BLT or a classic American Breakfast, pick up some of Hooray’s product, which is set to hit the Whole Foods shelves on November 14th. Until then, all plant-based breakfast lovers can try Beyond Meat’s Breakfast Sausage and JUST Egg’s Vegan Egg. After November 14th, you’ll have all of the ingredients to whip up a delicious, plant-based breakfast sandwich in your kitchen.

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