JUST, Maker of Vegan JUST Egg Is Set to Launch a Grab-and-Go Breakfast Option

|Updated Nov 2, 2021
Instagram / @EatJUST

Breakfast favorite JUST Egg, the delicious mung-bean-based liquid vegan egg, has revolutionized mornings everywhere by offering an alternative that tastes and looks like the real thing. Now, the brand behind the product is expanding its offerings to target the on-the-go consumer with a pre-cooked and folded omelet perfect for breakfast sandwiches.

Vegan Omelets

Here at The Beet we absolutely adore the original JUST Egg product, but it can be a little time consuming to cook if you're in a pinch. It's perfect for a lazy weekend morning rather than one spent rushing out the door to school or work. This new heat-and-eat option means that we can enjoy the delicious flavor of the product on-the-go.

Available starting in April, the omelet will debut in over 5,000 retailers nationwide including Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, and Albertson's stores. It comes in a pack of four 8oz squares and retails for $4.99.

To transform the frozen egg into breakfast, it simply needs to be heated and then sandwiched between halves of your favorite breakfast bread: A croissant, English muffin, whole-wheat toast, or bagel. Add a hash brown, some faux sausage and salt, pepper and ketchup to taste and you're out the door in no time!

Along with the launch of the new product, JUST is also giving its widely acclaimed liquid egg a makeover, after the brand acquired its own manufacturing company to keep up with the overwhelming demand. The changes will include a lower SRP of $4.99, slashing the current retail price nearly in half. The revamped liquid egg product is set to be introduced in May. The company says the new formulation will be even creamier, with a more egg-like flavor. But we don't know how that could be possible, since to us, it's basically perfect.