As someone eating plant-based, it can be a little complicated to know exactly what to put on the grill to satisfy the whole family, but now Impossible Meats is delivering your favorite patties straight to your door. This month, in time for BBQ season, Impossible started taking direct orders and guaranteeing 2-day delivery, so order today and you will be all set for your next grilling session. Buy them by the pack, add some sliced avocado and vegan mayo to a bun and call it the best lazy vegan dinner ever.

Now, we’re pleased to report that there’s a new way in town to get your Impossible fix—Impossible At Your Door, the brand’s new direct-to-consumer website through which you can have these wildly irresistible plant-based meat products delivered straight to you. The company currently has four purchase options available:

  • Impossible Convenience Pack: Four 12-ounce packages of Impossible Burger (which acts like a ground beef substitute in any number of recipes from tacos and sliders  to meatballs and chili); $49.99
  • Impossible Combo Pack: One package of 10 ¼-pound Impossible Burger patties (10 patties total) and two 12-ounce packages of Impossible Burger; $59.99
  • Impossible Family Pack: One five-pound package of Impossible Burger; $64.99
  • Impossible Grilling Pack: Two packages of 10 ¼-pound Impossible Burger patties (20 patties total); $69.99

Free two-day shipping is available for the 48 continental United States and D.C. For those looking to order Impossible Pork online, you’ll have to stay tuned.

And for those not familiar with the glory that is the Impossible Burger, read one writer’s transformation from Impossible virgin to the other side and know once you go Impossible, it’ll be, well, impossible to go back.

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