Hell’s Kitchen has frozen over because Chef Gordon Ramsay is finally embracing veganism. Yesterday, the world-renowned chef reviewed vegan TikToker Julius Fielder’s (@bakinghermann) vegan ramen recipe. Fielder introduces this video by dedicating his ramen recipe to a potentially vegan Ramsay – who for decades has scorned plant-based cooking. The recipe video opens with “Gordon Ramsay is turning vegan?!” and Ramsay responds, confirming “That’s right!” in his duet.

This month, Ramsay announced that he would participate in BBC’s #FutureFoodStars TikTok challenge by turning vegan for a week. While the participants of Ramsay’s Future Food Stars show conduct their own challenges on TikTok, Ramsay will challenge his own palette. Over the last week, the Michelin star chef has reviewed several plant-based TikTok recipes, noting that his fans have “made [him] plant-based.” Fans then tagged him in a vegan cheese recipe and even made him review a vegan variation of his signature dish: Beef Wellington.

Although Chef Ramsay didn’t approve of the Wellington or cheese recipes, he approved of Fieder’s vegan ramen recipe, exclaiming “Wow! ‘Wundabar’” at the end of the video. Ramsay will continue to review plant-based recipes for the remainder of his challenge. Currently, the chef has been impressed by one out of the three recipes, but plant-based fans will continue to cook up specialty dishes for the chef this week.

Gordon Ramsay is Going Vegan: “That’s Right”

Gordon Ramsay's recent vegan TikTok challenge is not the first time the chef has hinted at shifting his diet to include vegan foods. Last March, the celebrity chef shared a video to his 22 million followers on how to make a vegan aubergine steak. The video opened with a confession claiming that he is “turning vegan.” The video details how to cook an eggplant steak, breaking serious ground for a chef that despised vegan cooking for years.

“After three decades of cooking hundreds and hundreds and thousands of hours behind the stove, I’m turning vegan,” Ramsay said in the video. “For lunch only.”

Although it is improbable that the world will ever see a fully vegan Gordon Ramsay, the chef is clearly interested in the plant-based world – inspired predominantly by his children. The Masterchef judge is sharing vegan recipes more frequently, even showing fans how to make crispy, vegan bacon made from rice paper and tofu.

Turning Over a New Leaf

Ramsay’s vegan journey is not exclusively on social media. The once hot-headed chef is changing his tune when it comes to vegan cooking in his restaurants. Most recently, the chef announced that his Chicago restaurant Gordon Ramsay Burger will offer a Vegan Burger complete with a plant-based patty, avocado, eggless mayo, tomato, lettuce, and a vegan bun.

The chef is also giving credit to other vegan chefs in the fine dining scene. Last May, Ramsay invited a vegan and a vegetarian chef to participate in Hell’s Kitchen for the first time. The shocking move marked the first time the chef acknowledged the potential of plant-based cooking on his iconic cooking competition show.

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