Hell’s Kitchen may very well have frozen over because, during the last year, the public has witnessed the unimaginable: A docile Gordon Ramsay. The celebrity chef famous for his intensity in the kitchen, his love of meat, and multiple Michelin-starred restaurants, just shocked his fans by telling them on TikTok that he is turning vegan. Is he, though?

The TikTok video shared to his 22 million followers how to make a vegan aubergine steak. He opens the video with a confession, saying, "I'm turning vegan," and proceeds to explain how to properly cook this eggplant-based steak. It is clear that Ramsay himself will not be going fully vegan, but instead will be doing plant-based cooking tutorials, with his first video amassing 13 million views.

“Hi guys, it’s Gordon. I’ve got a confession,” Ramsay said in the video. “After three decades of cooking, hundreds and hundreds and thousands of hours behind the stove, I’m turning vegan.”

The video features the talented chef charing an aubergine (or eggplant) 'steak', seasoning it, and cooking it to perfection. This TikTok tutorial is not the first time Ramsay has made strides in plant-based cooking. Many of his restaurants have taken measures to develop and expand their vegan menus, catering to plant-based diners who can now visit the restaurants and pick out a dish with ease. In 2019, Ramsay’s restaurant Bread Street Kitchen showcased a vegan roast that altered the dietary tradition that Ramsay’s fame is founded on.

Last year, PETA urged Ramsay to continue his vegan expansion and transition his restaurants to be completely vegan. The organization turned the restauranteur’s words back on him in the plea, stating that “Vegan is on the rise [and] we’ve got to adapt.” Although it’s unclear how far Ramsay will go, this TikTok marks an acknowledgment of the growing demand for plant-based cuisine. The legendary chef is winning over new fans and continuing to make strides in plant-based cooking while other fine dining establishments are stuck in tradition. A new side of Gordon Ramsay may mark a new era for fine dining.

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