Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky Shares Her Veggie Diet, Carbs Included

|Updated Jul 29, 2020

America first fell in love with outspoken Ali Fedotowsky-Manno on the reality TV show The Bachelor, and can never forget the moment when she walked out on Jake Pavelka, quitting the show to "focus on her career."  The reality star favorite was chosen to return as "The Bachelorette," in 2010 when 25 bachelors competed for her love. Since then, Ali broke ties with the show completely and married Kevin Manno in 2017 and had two children with the TV host, Molly, and Riley.

The joyful and bubbly blonde prioritizes the things she loves: Family, vegetarian food, and being a hardworking mother, developing her career around her passion for a mostly plant-based lifestyle. Fedotowsky, who calls herself a vegetarian, only showcases plant-based products on her social channels from what we can see. She is the founder Ali Manno, where she presents a stress-free and lighthearted approach for mothers, plant-based eaters, and the contemporary chic fashion-lover.

In a sad turn of events for Ali, which she shared this week, she recently lost a pregnancy to miscarriage and she wanted to share this with her fans so that it would not be something women feel they have to be secretive about if it were to happen to them. She is ever supportive of other women, and her heartbreaking IG post about it is another example of that.

Focusing on all things veggie, Ali makes feeding kids healthy foods look like fun

Ali has been a vegetarian for 8 years and started the diet "on a whim," she tells Women's Health. "A friend suggested I try pescatarian. I thought I'd do it for like two weeks, and then here I am eight years later. I've never gone back."

On her blog, Ali shares delicious recipes and does not hold back from indulging in carbs. She loves pasta and bread--as do her children. In the photo below, Ali makes a sweet and savory snack, Crostini with California Walnuts with her oldest daughter Molly, and emphasizes the health benefits of walnuts and the importance of getting your dose of Omega 3's. All of her recipes are 100% children-approved and she inspires moms everywhere to try to feed their kid whole foods since she posts pictures of her kids loving healthy plant-based snacks!


Ali is no stranger to the meat-free diet but she still enjoys her treats, she says, and the point is not to deprive yourself. Her approach appears to be working: She eats what she enjoys and she feels and looks amazing. In the interview with Women's Health Magazine. Ali says swearing off meat has worked for her body and eliminated a lot of her junk food cravings. "I eat when I'm hungry and I don't deprive myself," she says. "If I want something, I've let myself have it. I think it's important to enjoy food and to focus on having a healthy lifestyle instead of dieting."

Her trick to balancing being a busy mom, a CEO, and a wife: Ali likes to make convenient food healthy, which means that for lunch she will create a big veggie platter and eat it all afternoon. Or she will make a clean pasta without loading it up with meat sauce. Ali was asked in the interview what she typically eats in a day, which is mostly plant-based food that you can make too.

Everything Ali Fedotowsky, Vegetarian and Busy Mom, Eats In a Day

Starting with breakfast: Molly and Riley will eat a PB & J with Walnut Butter and notes that she loves Crazy Go Nuts Walnut Butter. Ali admits she works out hard in the morning, saying, "People joke that I should have been a professional athlete because I'm a crazy person when I work out." After a big sweat and lots of calories burned, Ali said: "I crave pasta in the morning and people think that's insane, but I've been eating pasta for breakfast since high school." She eats a bowl of pasta on some mornings but other times she will enjoy a big bowl of broccoli and edamame with her favorite Walnut Parmesan Cream. "It doesn't actually have any cream in it but is the best recipe ever. I literally make it every day," she told Women's Health.

Next, a light lunch for a busy mom: As seen on Ali's blog, she likes to keep lunch light. Her favorites are mini potato skins topped with fresh guacamole, and a healthy farro bowl made with fresh vegetables and can simply be made vegan without the added parmesan cheese.

It's healthy snack time: Ali's snack when she's on the go is an apple-pie Lärabar that's made with 6 ingredients: Dates, almonds, green apples, walnuts, raisins, and cinnamon. She says she tends to stick to more healthy convenient snacks. "I love to buy veggie trays and leave them on the counter so we can come up and grab the veggies throughout the day."

Dinner is served: Ali likes to serve healthy dinners that include complex carbs and plant-based proteins. She told the magazine that she "whips up all sorts of plant-based combos using ingredients like quinoa and black beans—and plenty of green veggies. Vegetarian "chicken" nuggets also make regular appearances on the kiddos' plates." In addition, she adds, "Of course, pasta is also a staple at dinnertime."

Dessert is simple: Ali said she loves to relax once the kids are in bed and sip an organic wine, and indulge in chocolate chip cookies. "Those Tate's Chocolate Chip Cookies are so stinking good. I just have one of those and drink my wine, and it is heaven." Tates cookies are vegetarian, but sadly., because they contain eggs and butter, are not yet vegan. So if you're looking for a delicious store-bought cookie brand that is completely vegan, check out The Beet's favorites here.