Ethical Vegans In UK Get Same Protection As Religions

|Updated Jan 8, 2020

A UK court's decision now protects anyone who self-identifies as an "Ethical Vegan" from discrimination in the workplace or any other form of discrimination. It's similar to religious protection.

The case originated from a workplace firing that the employee believes was related to his belief system. The story, was picked up by CNN.

A Case Against Cruelty

Ethical vegans follow a vegan diet, and oppose the use of animals for any purpose, such as animal testing, clothing, or entertainment.
At an employment tribunal on January 3rd, 2020, judge Robin Postle stated that he was "satisfied overwhelmingly" that ethical veganism meets the criteria of the Equality Act to qualify as a philosophical belief. In a short summary judgment, Postle declared that veganism "clearly in my view meets all the criteria; It is a philosophical belief, not just an opinion." "It is cogent, serious and important, and worthy of respect in democratic society," the Judge added.

Casamitjana brought the landmark legal case in order to force a change to Britain's Equality Act to include veganism as a philosophical belief protected from discrimination.

The question is will the protection expand from the UK to the US?

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