To stay on track with healthy eating, feel energized, and strong, we asked our fitness guru, Berto Calkins, to create a 5-minute core workout, exclusively for you. Berto takes you step-by-step through a series of ab movements that target different core muscles. After you complete this quick yet effective exercise, you will feel accomplished, motivated, and proud of yourself for moving, listening to your body, and feeling the healthy burn. All you need is a mat and five minutes of your time, which is easy to spare. You can perform these moves anywhere and anytime, even while you're on a "listening in" Zoom call (video off, mute on)!

Berto Calkins, professionally known as @whatsgoodberto, is your workout guru who makes exercise safe, fun, and enjoyable. Berto, a New York City resident, performs these moves in the living room of his apartment, proving you don't need a whole lot of space or a home gym to do this.

So before the new year sneaks up on you, start taking baby steps to a healthy, proactive life with this workout, and plenty of other 5-minute exercises you can find under our Easy Workout Column.

Here Are Your Five Best Workout Moves For Strong and Tone Abs

First Move: Sliding Mountain Climbers. In a high plank position, with your forearms fully extended and toes touching the floor, slide one leg towards your hands and your knee will come close to your chest. Alternate each leg in a fast motion and repeat so it almost feels like you are running in place.

Second Move: Side Plank Knee Drive. In a low side plank with your forearm placed on the mat, bend your top leg (which is stacked on top of your other leg) reach upwards towards your chest then fully extend. Repeat this movement on each side for thirty seconds.

Third Move: Bird Dog + Elbow to Knee. In tabletop position, extend one arm and your opposite leg, then crunch together by touching your elbow to your knee and extend back out. Repeat this movement for thirty seconds then switch sides.

Fourth Move: Front + Cross Body Mountain Climbers. In a high plank position with your forearms fully extended, bring one leg forward to the outside of your elbow, then extend back to the high plank. From there using the same leg, cross your knee over to your opposite side elbow then fully extend back to plank. Switch legs after thirty seconds.

Fifth Move: Plank. For one minute, hold a high plank with your forearms fully extended and your toes touching the floor/mat. Focus on keeping your butt low, core engaged, and don't ut any pressure on your neck. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders.

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