Upper body strength is hard to build, especially if you hate push-ups, however, building strong, lean arm muscles makes everyday activities easier and can help you avoid injury – try this easy five-minute workout targeted to help you build stronger muscles.

Without stressing about dumbbells, heavy lifting, gym equipment, or performing drill sergeant push-ups, The Beet's fitness guru Berto Calkins takes you through a five-minute step-by-step workout to help you reach your goals. The best part? Each move can be done anywhere – kitchen, park, living room, or office.

Fitness instructor Berto Calkins is often recognized for his Instagram handle, @whatsgoodberto. The New York City-based influencer is an expert on vegan fitness, nutrition, and mental health. Berto designed a five-minute leg workout exclusively for The Beet and is back with another quick, efficient workout, this time, focusing on exercises to help strengthen your arms.

The five-minute arm routine can be done anywhere, at any time. Berto performs these moves in his living room and uses a kitchen chair and side table as weights and fitness equipment. If you're at a park, benches work great for this workout, and if you're at the office, paperweights will do the trick. Have fun with this workout and break a sweat!

Here is Your Easy 5-Minute Arm Workout with Berto Calkins

First Move: One Minute Push-Ups. In a high plank position on all fours, your hands should be slightly wider than your shoulders with your legs and arms completely straight. Then, bend at the elbow and lower your chest down but without touching the mat. Youll will perform push-ups for one minute and focus on healthy form.

Second Move: Supine Row. This move is a reverse push-up and requires a bench, table, or chair, something you can lay under and hold onto, Berto uses a long table to pull himself up. Laying on your back with your heels on the floor, the structure of your choice will stand above you and you will grip your hands onto the sides while lifting your chest towards the object. Then, lower back down towards the mat so your arms are fully extended but your body will never touch the mat. Lift yourself back up and repeat.

Third Move: Chair Dips. Grab a chair or a high enough surface where you can dip low enough. If you're at a park or field, benches work well for this exercise. Berto uses a kitchen chair for this movement. Facing away from the chair, place your hands on the edges, lower your body down until your elbows reach a 90-degree angle then lift up. Your heels should be touching the mat the entire time.

Fourth Move: Bicep Curls. You will want to use dumbells or weight of your choice for this exercise, Berto uses a chair. Let your elbows rest at your sides and your forearms will extend out in front of your body. Then, bring the weight up to your shoulder bending at your elbows. Once, your forearm is at your shoulders, reverse the curl and repeat.

Fifth Move: Push Up Pank. Start in a high plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders, forearms fully extended, and toes touching the mat. Lower one forearm on the mat and the other one will follow, you will be in a low plank position. After lift up your forearm so your entire arm is fully extended, and the other arm will follow, you are in a high plank position. Repeat this movement.

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