The Best 5-Minute Leg Workout to Do At-Home With Berto Calkins

|Updated Apr 13, 2021

If you want strong, muscular legs for better performance, all you need to do is a workout to this quick and easy 5-minute video with Berto Calkins, your fitness instructor. Calkins is an expert at making exercise fun and enjoyable all while you get the results you crave.

Berto, who has built a following under the name "What's Good Berto? is making his first appearance as one of The Beet's fitness experts. As a vegan fitness influencer based in New York City, he knows how to make exercise both enjoyable and effective. Berto designed a quick and tough leg workout exclusively for The Beet, so you can work up a sweat, get those legs toned and strong, and be that much closer to your A-game, in just 5 minutes.

Each move targets a different muscle group for a full leg workout in less time than it takes you to shower. The best part is the entire workout can be done anywhere: Your living room, office, outside on a porch or in the park, or your kitchen, as you wait for your meal to cook. All you need to do is a commitment to get fitter, and if you do this several times a week (or mix in some of The Beet's other quick workouts for variety) we guarantee you'll notice the difference in your fitness, energy, and toned body within weeks. Just press play!

Here Are Your Five Easy Moves For Stronger Legs

First Move: Overhead Squat. In a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and squat down with arms raised above your head. As you rise up from the squatting position, keep arms in the air, since hands never come back down by your side. Repeat for one minute.

Second Move: Step-Up. You will need to use a chair, a box, or anything that you can step-up onto and it won't move (a park bench works nicely. Place one foot on the chair or bench and step up with your other leg, hold for about two seconds, then step back down to the floor. The foot that's on the chair will stay there as you do this move for 30 seconds, then switch and perform the same move on the other side for 30 seconds. Stay controlled.

Third Move: Single Leg Chair Squat. You will need a chair or a raised bench to sit on. Standing with back towards the chair, raise one leg up and bend your knee to a 90-degree angle. Then squat down slowly until you are sitting on chair. As you come up, keep your raised leg in the air, so you will only use the opposite leg for strength and balance. After thirty seconds switch sides and focus on perfecting your form. (Don't allow yourself to drop down into the chair but stay controlled and anchor your foot that's on the floor with your heel.)

Fourth Move: Calf Raise: In a standing position, rise up onto the balls of your feet until your heel is fully raised (like you're wearing high heels) and stand up on your toes. Slowly lower back down to starting position and repeat. This move doesn't is as simple as it gets, but is extremely effective at strengthening calves which is key for avoiding injuries if you're a runner. When you have strong calves you spring off each step with more control and can run longer without fatigue and bad form -- both of which lead to injury.

Fifth Move: Alternate Jumping Lunges. In a standing position, raise one leg out in front of you and bend the knee, stepping forward and lowering your center of gravity towards the ground as your back leg bends and you get into a lunge position. Pushing off with your heels, jump upwards, and while in mid-air, switch legs so your back leg comes forward and your front leg gets sent backward so that you land down gently in another lunge position but this time with your opposite leg forward. Repeat alternating jump lunges for a total of one minute.