Growing up I hated mayonnaise, so by dint of that, I didn't like coleslaw or potato salad. Then in my 20s, I learned to make potato salad with baby new potatoes, a dash of extra virgin olive oil and chives, and a little bit of sea salt. Bingo, I suddenly enjoyed "new potato salad." Recently I created a clean tasting, barely-dressed coleslaw recipe that is so simple, so fast, anyone can whip it up in five minutes. My husband loves slaw and has eaten it all our married lives without fear of me wanting a taste, so he was impressed at how "real" this version tasted even though it's made with vegan Mayonaise, using Follow Your Heart.

If I ever wrote another cookbook, it would be how to make 3-ingredient dishes (not counting the salt and pepper) and this slaw would be in it. The key to making this dish festive is to use equal parts red and white cabbage. For this Fourth, it will seem particularly apropos.

Lucy's Easy 3-Ingredient Vegan Coleslaw

Yield: serves 6


For the Cabbage

  • 3 cups of red cabbage, shredded
  • 3 cups of white cabbage, shredded

I buy my cabbage in neatly wrapped packs of pre-shredded freshly cut leaves in the local supermarket, which makes this the easiest salad ever to land on your table. If you would prefer to shred yours, use a large flat knife (not serrated which makes too much of a messy edge to the cabbage pieces) and be careful as you slice it since this stuff is hard to slice and when you're cutting something stiff, your fingers or thumb can get in the way.

Once your cabbage is shredded, add it to a large open bowl, usually big enough to not have the pile of slaw completely fill it up. This allows the shreds to stay light, surrounded by air, and it's easier to toss in the dressing.


For the Dressing

  • 2  oz Vinegar of choice. I like Balsamic, but you can use any type you prefer.
  • 2 tablespoons of Vegan Mayonnaise, aka Vegenaise.

Not to sound like an ad (and no one is remunerating me to say it) but I like Follow Your Heart, which is made with Canola Oil, a much healthier oil than most and with just 80 calories per tablespoon.

Simply mix up one tablespoon for every 4 servings of slaw or 4 cups of cabbage. If you think that your slaw will serve 8 people use 2 tablespoons of the vegan mayo.


  1. Vigorously mix together with a fork or whisk the vinegar and mayo, and add sea salt and black pepper to taste. Make sure the dressing is fully mixed (without any white droplets of the Vegenaise floating in it).
  2. Then generously spread this mixture on top of and all around the parameters of the heaping cabbage in the bowl and toss with two wooden spoons until every piece of cabbage has a tiny bit of dressing on it.
  3. Taste and serve!

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