Dunkin’ is proving to be a company that keeps its word after promising last year in May to develop a vegan donut. The doughnut chain plans to roll out an extensive new range showcasing more than 40 vegan donuts at its Belgium branch. The vegan sweets initially launched for online orders only but will be available at the in-store locations beginning in mid-May. Although currently restricted to just the Belgium locations, the company’s move to include vegan donuts in Europe shows that Dunkin’ is taking steps to expand its plant-based menu selections and we could soon see the offering expand to US stores.

The vegan donuts will feature a wide variety of flavors including peanut butter and jelly, vanilla cacao, lotus sensation, original glazed, strawberry, and many more. The wide range of vegan donuts proves Dunkin’s dedication to enhancing its plant-based menu options.

The company debuted the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich last year within the United States. After the trial sold nearly double what the company expected, it was quickly expanded to be available permanently nationwide. When demand for the plant-based alternative proved profitable for the company, the company announced that it would look into creating a vegan donut.

“As it relates to a vegan donut, we continue to investigate a viable vegan donut option. We are looking into it closely,” CEO David Hoffman said.

While American consumers wait for a vegan donut to hit North American locations, Dunkin’ continues to release more plant-based products. This year, Dunkin debuted an Avocado Toast with a fresh avocado spread on vegan sourdough. The company also continues to expand its dairy-free specialty espresso drink menus, adding Planet Oat Oatmilk as an alternative milk option at its location nationwide. Consumers have been demanding more plant-based options, and Dunkin’ appears to be shifting its focus to grand this wish. However, some Dunkin’ lovers still find it confusing that the vegan donuts remain absent from American menus.

“It’s really irritating how every other country does American food chains better than the US does,” a Reddit user wrote in response to the news in the subreddit r/vegan, voicing the consumer frustration towards the company’s selective vegan donut release.

Even though US locations will have to wait for the vegan donut, Dunkin does offer a growing list of plant-based options. The CEO’s comments about the future of the vegan donut coinciding with its European unveiling signals that the dairy-free treat could be making a trip stateside soon.

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