Dunkin’ continues to accelerate its campaign to bring its plant-based customers as many options and menu items as possible. The coffee giant announced that it will be adding a coconut milk dairy alternative to its menu to keep up with the rising customer demand for dairy-free alternatives. Kicking off the company’s summer season, Dunkin' is releasing a new range of Dunkin' Coconut Refreshers alongside a new Coconut Milk Iced Latte that will help roll out the nationwide debut of the new dairy alternative.

“The start of the summer season is the perfect time to expand our menu with coconut milk, another exciting non-dairy choice for our guests,” Vice President of Marketing & Culinary at Dunkin’ Jill Nelson said. “For our colorful Dunkin’ Refreshers to our creamy Coconut Ice Latte, Dunkin’ is crafting the coolest coconut milk beverages to keep our guests refreshed and running throughout summer and all year-long.”

Dunkin' Unveils 3 Coconut Refreshers

The new Coconut Refreshers will join Dunkin’s popular Refreshers line. The new beverages will give customers a delicious mixture of coconut milk and a variety of fruit flavors. The three flavors will include Pink Strawberry (Strawberry Dragonfruit), Golden Peach (Peach Passion Fruit), and Purple Pomegranate (Blueberry Pomegranate). The company touts these new drinks as a perfect morning energy boost filled with B vitamins and delicious fruit concentrates. To introduce the new Coconut Refreshers, Dunkin is offering medium-sized drinks for the special price of $3 from April 28th to May 25th.

Customers can now choose between several varieties of dairy milk alternatives, giving people the chance to customize their favorite drinks with creamy coconut milk. The company will also showcase the new milk alternative with its Coconutmilk Iced Latte. The exciting new drink will provide customers with an easy entry to coconut milk drinks with a familiar favorite espresso drink.

“Dunkin’s introduction of coconut milk continues the brand’s commitment to bringing guests more non-dairy options for customizing their favorite coffee, espresso, specialty, and tea-based beverages, and innovative menu items that democratize delicious,” the company said in a press release.

The coffee chain has led national food and beverage companies in the plant-based market. After beginning to offer almond milk in 2014. the company became one of the first chains to incorporate oat milk into its menus nationwide in 2020. Dunkin' continues to innovate its dairy-free drink menus, releasing specialty drinks that advertise the use of non-dairy milk.

Dunkin’s plant-based food menu is also growing. The company released a Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich and Avocado Toast to meet its customer’s demands. Although still no word about vegan doughnuts in the United States, the brand’s Belgium branch announced that it hopes to release more than 40 vegan doughnuts. The company’s dedication to plant-based food is shown by its increased attention to its food and drink options, but while customers wait for the next announcement, here’s what Dunkin' has to offer so far.

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