Disney just did it again. They announced today that their theme parks will be carrying a vast array of vegan and plant based choices for their guests who care about eating healthy and avoiding animal products. So now while walking from Space Mountain to Splash Mountain or heading toward the water park you can grab a healthy option, like a Shiriki Noodle Salad. There will be over 400 choices, but not all at once. Here's the scoop.

First a personal note of elation. I admit it, I was overjoyed at the news. All my gluten-free life I have visited Disney (an annual family tradition) and I have always known that they would make nearly every dish they serve in a gluten-free version. Now I am eating plant-based for health, and when we get there next, I'm stoked to be able to find choices like the Asian Dumplings (at Epcot) and the Cashew Cheesecake (at the Contemporary Resort).

At Disney, food is literally within an arm's reach as you maneuver through the parks, and not all of it healthy. (Vacation is for splurging, right?) But if you do choose to be healthy, now you have absolutely no excuse. 


No fewer than hundreds of plant-based options will be landing on their menus at Disney World Resorts, but ironically the original park, Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, won’t get these new vegan choices until next year.

The plant-based options will be available in Orlando starting October 1st (we’re looking at cheap flights) for on-the-go orders, and October 3rd at their restaurants. Disney prides themselves on being the happiest place on Earth. Now they are also the most vegan place on earth. And the planet and our own healthy habits will benefit.

Among the offerings:

If you’re traveling to a Disney resort abroad or hopping on one of their ships to feel the Mickey love at sea, leave all your worries at home. Disney Cruises, Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Hong Kong provide plant-based menus already, so you don’t have to live off the house salad while on vacation. Disney truly wants to cater to all family members, and now we can say they are succeeding. Watch as they turn your plant-based dreams into reality with these new dishes. Check out Disney’s website to stay informed of all that’s to come on the plant-based menus. 

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