Just a little over a month ago, power couple David and Victoria Beckham revealed to their combined 93 million followers that they are eating meat-free, and "enjoying it." The world-famous soccer superstar then appeared in a virtual call on IGTV with Sir David Attenborough to discuss the ways we can help the planet and asked: "If you had one message to our children about the future of our world, what would it be?"

Looks like he is still at it. Over the weekend, Beckham cooked up a vegan casserole with plant-based ingredients, including greens, green beans, broccolini, wholegrain mustard, and followed it with a batch of delicious-looking homemade dumplings. A big thanks to PlantBasedNews for capturing the moment in the below footage from Beckham's Instagram.


Meanwhile, spice girl turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham has eaten a mostly plant-based diet with the exception of her daily supplements. However, when they both revealed their meat-free switch, Victoria noted that she is about to try a line of vegan products. "So I really like this brand," as she shows off the label on her IG story which states Puori protein and vitamin supplements. "I have been taking supplements for quite some time, she adds, "so I am going to try the new vegan products, and these are targeting people who have a plant-based diet, which I actually do have, so I am really excited to try it."

Any step toward a veggie-forward or plant-leaning diet is a win-win for the planet, your health, and the animals. We're rooting for the Beckhams to keep going and their fans to leap into the game.

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