The first family of soccer, Victoria and David Beckham surprised fans and delighted the plant-based world by telling their combined 93 million followers that they are eating meat-free these days. The soccer superstar and now team owner, and Spice-Girl-turned-high-fashion designer said separately on IG posts just hours apart that they have ditched meat and are finding meat-free meals more enjoyable than he had expected.

Victoria revealed that she is about to try a vegan line of products, while her husband announced he hasn't touched meat in three weeks. Now the soccer sensation and current president and a co-owner of Inter Miami CF, Beckham said he has "never changed his diet like this before" and added that it was "not easy, but actually enjoyable."

Plant-Based News reported on the David Beckham phenomenon on Saturday. He showed off the vegetable dishes he's been loving: Courgetti with mushrooms, aubergine with blue cheese, a mango and avocado entree, chickpea salad, veggie soup, smoked watermelon, and sweet potato. So while his diet still allows for cheese it doesn't include meat.

Meanwhile Victoria showed her 26 million fans a new line of vegan supplements she is about to start using: "So I really like this brand," and she comes close to the label that clearly shows her fans the Puori line of protein and vitamin supplements. "I have been taking supplements for quite some time," Victoria Beckham told fans on her Insta-story. "So I am going to try the new vegan products, and these are targeting people who have a plant-based diet, which I actually do have, so I am really excited to try it." Beckham then says she takes Puori's collagen powder supplement daily." She fails to mention that the collagen is made from a bovine source, so while she is eating plant-based, her collagen is derived from cows.

Beckham posted a picture on his IG of a chilled pea soup, which he described as "amazing."

As influencers, the two reach nearly 100 million people and the more athletes and taste-makers embracing the plant-based lifestyle is a positive, so fans can learn from their inspirational moves.



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