Plant-based alternative meat brand Field Roast just debuted its bulk vegan chicken nuggets at more than 50 Costco locations across the Los Angeles area. The Field Roast Plant-Based Nuggets provide consumers with the taste and texture of real chicken nuggets but are sourced from pea protein rather than animal-based ingredients. The Los Angeles launch marks the first time that Field Roast will offer the signature plant-based chicken in bulk, aiming to provide a cheaper plant-based option for families and plant-based consumers.

“We’re excited about Field Roast’s continued growth with Costco and the opportunity to make delicious plant-based food more accessible to home chefs everywhere,” President of Field Roast’s parent company, Greenleaf Foods, SPC, Dan Curtin said. “The Field Roast Plant-Based Nugget is the only plant-based chicken nugget alternative available at Costco LA.”

Field Roast spent years of research and development creating a plant-based chicken that would mirror conventional chicken nuggets. The plant-based nugget was originally launched at other retailers in January 2020. The company sold more than 1.75 million nuggets within the year. Coinciding with the Costco release, Field Roast redesigned the nugget recipe to enhance the flavor and texture of the plant-based chicken. The new nuggets are made using high moisture extrusion technology, combining roasted garlic, paprika, wheat, and pea protein to satisfy plant-based customers everywhere.

“We designed a plant-based nugget specifically for the club channel that offers improvements in taste, texture, and color,” Chief R&D and Food Technology Officer at Greenleaf Foods, SPC, Jitendra Sagili said. “This Field Roast Plant-Based Nugget provides a more fibrous texture and delivers an eating experience that will leave you and your kids begging for more.”

The Costco launch will make the vegan nuggets available in a 24-ounce bulk pack for $9.99. The bulk package will provide consumers with twice as many pieces as its typical retail pack. The partnership is an attempt to make plant-based food more accessible to customers looking for affordable vegan foods.

Costco has recently partnered with several plant-based companies, including Alpha Foods and Daring, but can trace its first plant-based chicken to 2010. The retailer launched Gardein’s seven-grain crispy tenders in 2010, and since then Costco has helped companies roll out new vegan foods. In March, Daring Foods debuted at the club retailers with the Original vegan chicken pieces for a limited time only. The product mimics animal meat’s tearing qualities, giving consumers the feel of conventional chicken-based foods.

Alpha Foods also launched the company’s signature vegan chicken patties at Costco stores across the Southeast, Los Angeles, Texas, and Hawaii. Costco also offers the company’s vegan breakfast sandwiches featuring vegan eggs, plant-based sausage, and Violife’s dairy-free cheese.

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