At The Beet, we are always trying new, delicious, healthy, innovative plant-based products in order to give our readers the best possible recommendations for what to buy and try next. There's always something exciting and new coming to the shelves and refrigerator sections of stores near you. Here's what to bring home: 8 products we're loving this week. Below are the best-loved ideas of what we're recommending, from Lucy, Stephanie, Hailey, and Caitlin.

Lucy's Favorites

1. Three Girls Vegan Creamery -- Which is having a Sale for Veganuary!

I love ordering the delicious craft pizzas from Three Girls Vegan Creamery in Guilford, Connecticut, discovered by my friend and colleague Cindy Searight, who wrote up the inspiring story of how these amazing women started their company, creating plant-based cheeses for their mom who was being treated for breast cancer, as a way of helping her be her healthiest. The idea led to selling the cheeses to friends, then opening a store, then expanding to baked goods. The amazing thing about Three Girls Vegan Creamery is that their food tastes so good non-vegans or plant-based consumers flock to it.

There are lines for pick up, which is available to accommodate the pandemic restrictions, and now, lucky for you and me, they deliver nationwide. I am stocking up on the pizzas to keep in my freezer since when nI need a delicious lunch for the whole fam I can pop two in the oven and add a nice big healthy kale salad and everyone feels like I have been slaving away for hours. Lunch is ready in about 20 minutes, and it's so darn good! Order yours today and get 10% off in honor of Veganuuary. Go to

2. Goldmine Adaptogenic Daily Immunity Support, Calm and to Fight Burnout

When the Goldmine Adaptogen powders came into the house, right around the holidays, my husband immediately made off with the stress relieving powder packs (leaving me to fend off seasonal anxiety for myself), while I grabbed the immunity support jar and took it to my office, figuring turn about is fair play. These little powder-kegs of daily plant-based nutritional support are great in a time when you need all the help you can get.

"Reinvented for the burnout generation," the benefits are stress management, increased energy, immune support, enhanced focus, and mental clarity among other things. I check "yep need that" next to all those boxes. I have not yet become a McCarthur Genius but neither have I gotten sick (knock on wood). So I am sticking with it. Women-founded, sustainably sourced, loaded with adaptogenic benefits, I think any time the family decides to make off with your plant-based products, it's a win. Get yours here.

Stephanie's Favorites

1. Orgain Protein Pancake Mix

In my mind, the colder seasons call for one thing in the mornings: A steaming pile of hearty pancakes or waffles to start the day right. Most pancake and waffle mixes are not vegan, typically calling for eggs, but can be modified to fit my diet. What I love about Orgain Protein Pancake Mix is that it gives a vegan modification recipe on the back of the box so I don’t have to try to mentally calculate the correct measurements of each ingredient.

You would never know the end product is vegan either: This mix makes pancakes that are just as fluffy and delicious as any diner order you’ve ever placed. I like to top mine with raspberries and maple syrup with a dash of cinnamon. The added bonus of 10g of plant-based protein per serving doesn't hurt either. With Orgain's mix, you really can have your (pan)cake and eat it too. Purchase it on the brand's website here.

2. Ned. Immunity Blend

I don't have to tell anyone reading this that right now, boosting your immune system is a top priority. This immunity blend by the brand Ned does it naturally, harnessing the power of plant extracts like elderflower, Echinacea, astragalus, ginger, licorice, and thyme to support and strengthen your immune system.

Since I've been taking Ned I haven't gotten sick once, not even a slight sore throat, sniffly nose, or cough. When I do feel achy or like I could potentially fall sick, I just take a dropper worth of this product, and in the morning I feel 100%. I'm not alone–you can look at the company's website to find over 25 5-star reviews for this blend. You can also try this product and be covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don't love it. Purchase it at Ned's website here.

Hailey's Favorites

1. Cannaves Oliva Hemp-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $38.25

Imagine eating a healthy, delicious meal with your feet in the sand on an island in Greece. Well, this olive oil from Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese will take you there. The small, matte-white, bottle reminds me of the white-plastered houses in Santorini and sets a calming, minimal aesthetic in your kitchen. This is both the perfect olive oil and work of art.

Aside from the packaging, this olive oil has a light, clean, and subtle taste, instead of heavy, thick, and overpowering. The EVOO is extracted through an unrefined, natural process called cold-pressing, this way, the oil retains all of its natural nutrients in the process and you don't have to worry about preservatives and added ingredients.

Cannaves Oliva's EVOO contains omega-6 and omega-3, which is perfect for plant-based and vegan eaters who may be lacking those nutrients. The oil is also high in antioxidants which is crucial for your body to help fight inflammation, diseases, and other illnesses.

The olive oil I use is infused with hemp extract, which can help reduce stress, anxiety, and inflammation, and is also labeled full-spectrum which means only whole pants are used in the process so you consume pure ingredients from the earth and all the nutrients and elements of the hemp plant.

I recommend this olive oil if you cook stir-frys, make homemade dressings or sauces, enjoy veggie burgers, and love your avocado toast with a smoother texture. You will want to present this oil on your kitchen table if you're having a guest for dinner, the bottle is beautiful.

If you want to purchase Cannaves Oliva Hemp-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, click here.

2. Bru GRNLA, $12.50

Healthy, low-calorie, all-natural, and delicious granola is hard to come by, but Bru GRNLA changed my mind. Most store-bought granola is highly processed and contains unhealthy amounts of added sugars. Locally sourced in New York, Bru uses organic ingredients in their whole form without any added sweetener: Organic oats, cashews, toasted almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, raisins, toasted and raw coconut cacao, chia seeds, sesame seeds, safflower, and a touch of clover honey for sweetness (if you are an ethical vegan, this granola may not apply to you).

When you dive into the crunchy, flavorful pouch, you can't stop. The sweetness is subtle and the crunch is real. I add this granola to my dairy-free yogurt or simply eat a cup of out a mug. The granola tastes incredible on its own or mixed in with berries, baked goods, salads, protein bars, and more.

The two best things about GRNLA is the combination of sweet and savory flavors and the texture of the mix. The sweet dried fruits like cranberries and raisins pair well with the nuts and seeds like sunflower, sesame, and cashews. The toasted coconut is not overpowering and adds a crisp touch. The texture of the GRNLA is not clustered or thin, but somewhere in the middle. Sometimes you'll get a whole cashew or almond, which delivers full nutrients and plant-based protein.

If you're looking for a healthy breakfast option, on-the-go snack, a simple way to elevate your favorite desserts, or just really good granola, try out Bru GRNLA and get it shipped to your door.

Caitlin's Favorites

1. Happy Dance CBD Skincare

Happy Dance CBD Skincare stands out amongst all the others in its categories for its high-quality ingredients, fun and bright packaging as well as a fresh scent that transports you to a spa. Happy Dance, which was co-founded by actress Kristen Bell, currently has three products in its line of CBD skincare: Bath Bomb, Coconut Melt and Whipped Body Butter.

These three CBD skincare products will instantly become the stars of your self-care routine. The multi-purpose coconut melt makes a great makeup remover and hydrating hair mask too. You can also use it as a moisturizer or cuticle conditioner. Bath bombs are perfect for a night you need to de-compress. The minute you drop the bath bombs the aroma of ginger, grapefruit and cocoa butter will fill your bathroom. End your routine with a hydrating body butter that has a fresh, clean scent, silky smooth texture and keeps your skin hydrated. All Happy Dance products use premium full-spectrum hemp extract.

You can buy Happy Dance products separately here or in a bundle for $56 here.

2. SEED Probiotic Prebiotic Supplement

Seed probiotic/prebiotic supplement has transformed my skin and gut health after using it daily for the past six months. The best part about this probiotic is you never have to run to a store when running low because it is delivered right to your doorstep every month.

Personally, I suffered from severe bloating and cystic acne prior to taking Seed. Since taking this supplement, bloating has decreased significantly and my skin is healthier than it has been in months. Seed has been linked to improving skin health, heart health and gut health. Another reason I love Seed is the environmentally-friendly packaging it is delivered in monthly. The first purchase comes with a large glass har along with a travel-sized version. Every month your delivery will have a biodegradable sleeve of the probiotic that you pour into the jar.

You can buy Seed's subscription for $49.99 a month here

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